From Big Bang Theory writer Dave Goetsch, CBS has purchased Smells Like Teen Spirit — a weekly look into new evidence surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain just kidding, it’s about a genius and his wacky ’90s parents!

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  1. Sample dialogue from the pilot:

    Genius kid: Mom! Hang up the phone! I need to dial in to the internet!
    ’90s mom: Sorry, son, I didn’t hear you. What do you need?
    Genius kid: Whatever. Nevermind.

  2. If you’re willing to sit through a Vevo ad first, you can go to Youtube to watch a live video feed of Kurt Cobain rolling in his grave.

  3. Oh please no. I’m not old enough for this! I was like 12 when Cobain died, but I still went into full mourning. I don’t have my shit together yet, people who mourned him with me can’t possibly be old enough to have billionaire entrepreneur children!


  5. NBC announced they picked up a sitcom that’s a first-person account of a robot that escaped from a lab and now tours as the bassist part of a “Alternative” band. No one in the band knows that the guys they know as “Stone” is actually a “Radioactive Android Prototype, Series E.”

    Tune in on Thursdays at 8:00 for “R.A.P.(E), Me!” (followed by an all-new “Up All Night.”)

  6. Staring: an albino, a mosquito and my libido

  7. There are no conspiracy theorists who drive me more batty than Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theorists. So any Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theorists out there, you’re on notice. Now let me tell you about the dangers of chemtrails!

  8. Finally I understand why my parents didn’t like Family Ties…

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