Tradition! No, I mean do a light show with “Tradition!”

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  1. This light show is vastly superior:

  2. I’m gonna learn how to program this stuff and then someday you’re all gonna see my post like this. Maybe with a different song. Probably with a different song.

  3. The problem with this light show is, you have to hurry up and get it all together, otherwise you run the risk that people will have moved on to the next stupid meme by the time you’re finished. I learned that the hard way with my Dragostea Din Tea light show a few years back.

    • I liked it when they did “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas better.

      This is something I expect the only white dude in a largely Korean suburb would do.

  4. It’s stuff like this that makes me terrified of ever moving back to the suburbs.

    • I know, right? It seems like people in the suburbs spend all of their free time at home instead of at bars and restaurants and stuff and they have nothing to do but crazy “projects” like this.*

      *I have never lived in the suburbs, so I made this all up, but it’s how I imagine suburban life to be.

  5. I’m trying to decide which would be worse, having “Gangum Style” stuck in my head, or “Tradition.”


  6. You guys, I’ve been in Korea for a week, and guess how ubiquitous Gangnam Style is. GUESS! The answer is imagine how ubiquitous it could possibly be, then triple that. It plays in every store and restaurant. Psy is in every commercial. I went to a mall today and there was a handmade sign with a cartoon Psy saying “Look but don’t touch style.” Just today, I saw a Psy statuette and Psy socks. All of my Twitter/Instagram posts have #gangnamstyle hashtags. Sorry! I’m staying in Gangnam and I’m corny!

  7. oh man Gabe you just made my mom’s day!

  8. I was kind of wishing that one of the cars passing by would hit another car. Nothing serious, just a bump. And then the people who were hit would have to get out of their car, look at their bumper, decide if they were going to just let it go – or not – then the person who hit the car would get out of their car and tell them “I don’t see anything, it looks fine!” – all the while the gangnam style light show would just keep going in the background. I can’t decide if I want the super violent ending which involves a fist-fight, or the happy ending in which they both just drive off.

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