Tonight will bring with it the final presidential debate of 2012, focusing on foreign policy. News media report that after the last debate the polls show a DEAD HEAT between the President and Mitt Romney, which only sounds like some reality TV BS, where they’re going to cut to someone saying “I just don’t know” out of context, and then they show a clip of one of the more promising contestants with a stressed-out face that you just know is from 3 weeks before when they’re saying it’s from, but WHATEVER! It all comes down 2 this!!!! Tyra only has one photo in her hand and someone has to pack their knives because today they’re out!  The Internet abounds with Presidential Debate drinking games (“drink always during it”), so let’s play a BNPG MOVIE GAME ABOUT IT! Final Presidential Debate Movies! Me first, then you.

  • Left Behind: About Romney And What His Plan Would Have Been For The Troops In Iraq
  • You Can Count On Me To Say Something Is Terrorism Immediately
  • Foreign Policy Academy
  • Romneyo + Libyaette
  • Sophie’s Choice About Whom To Vote For

Whoa! I hope yours are better, good luck!

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  1. Election. Do I win?

  2. Gone With The Windbag

  3. 10 Things I Hate About Your Politics

  4. Malarkey Largo

  5. Poll Bounce

  6. The Day The Earth Stood Still Because We Were All Watching The Debate

  7. Benghazi-Hur.

  8. Idiocracy

  9. Taggs of our Fathers

  10. Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Watching And Put On The Bears Game

  11. Mormon on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

  12. Barack, Interrupted

  13. (Let Me Be) Clear and Present Danger

  14. The French Real American Connection

  15. False Stories

  16. Clockwork Orange You Glad It’s the Final Debate

  17. Throw Obama From the Train

  18. Let the Right One In

  19. Ed Would Like This Election To Finally Be Over

  20. When a Stranger Gallup Poll Calls

  21. Willard Scissorhands

  22. Obama, Where Art Thou?

  23. Daddy Day Obamacare

  24. Who Will Own Air Force One?

  25. Can’t hardly wait for this election to be over

  26. The President, the Governor, and the Wardrobe.

  27. All Dogs Go To Heaven (But Only After I’ve Strapped Them To The Roof Of A Car For A 12-Hour Ride)

  28. Born In Kenya On The 4th Of July

  29. You Got Served a Whole Bunch of Malarkey

  30. Start Wars

  31. Who’s Ahead in Virginia, Wolf?

  32. Debate 1: The Baracky Horror Big No Show
    VP Debate: To Kill a Mockingbiden
    Debate 2: The Empire Points Back
    Debate 3: Barack and Mitti Make a Porno

  33. Mitt Romney in LEFT BEHIND.

  34. To Shill a Mockingbird.

    Liar Liar. (I think that movie pretty much sums it up)

  35. One of those Romney sons in American Psycho… Josh? Tagg?

  36. Five-Point Break
    Fast Five-Point Plan
    A Simple Five-Point Plan
    An American Tale: Fievel Points Plan

  37. I can’t think of anything funny to say. I hate Mitt Romney too much. Hate is a strong word, I know. My mom used to tell me that when I said I hated things that I didn’t really hate them, because hate was too much. And it is a strong word which is why I never use it. But I hate this self-satisfied, wannabe-crowd-pleasing, smirking, eyes-glistening-with-manufactured-compassion motherfucker. He is the opposite of everything that’s good in this universe and if you vote for him you’re a fucking Nazi.

    I realize that I’m just a symptom of the bias that’s destroying the American political system, but it seems to me that there’s a stupid, delusional party that believes that anyone and everyone can make it if they really try, and then there’s the party that says, hey maybe not everyone can be president or Paul fucking Ryan pumping iron and maybe some people could use some help and maybe the Christian way would be to actually help them and not put into place tax breaks that would benefit corporations.

    Everyone is created equal, sure, but not everyone gets to start from the same privileged point. Maybe compassion shouldn’t be doled out only to those who have so-called “earned” it. Maybe compassion should be the rule. Maybe look at the people who are hurting and fucking attend to them.

    Your system is broken, America. The fact that you even allow someone like Romney such a vast public forum, and the fact that he even has a chance at defeating Obama…. Words are not enough. I can’t think of an expansive enough swear-word.



  38. Up here in Canada, we somehow managed to elect the Canadian version of Mitt Romney into a majority government a couple of years back (and when I say “we”, I mean 39% of the population voted for him — Democracy in action, folks!). He wasted no time throwing money at super-prisons and ridiculously expensive fighter jets, dismantling and de-funding the departments of anyone who dared disagree with him, and generally setting our country back about 50 years. Deeply disturbing right-wing lunacy isn’t just confined to America, unfortunately…

  39. Swing State-ers

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