Madison is here with make up tips for your fall look, ladies, and guys who wear make up!

Looking good, everybody. You’re going to be the prettiest one in jail! “Oh no, Chris Hansen, please! Do not tackle me in the driveway in a gilly suit, I just needed to get my fall look together.” Tough break. Maybe next time you should get your fall look from a magazine like the rest of the adults. Up to you! You will have plenty of time in the yard to think about it and make your decision. Odds are you’re a recidivist though. Madison is just too charming! (See you in jail! I will meet you there!) (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. While this is undoubtedly adorable and charming, I still find it unfair that my remarkably similar drunk makeup tutorial is “an embarrassment to friends and family”, and “evidence in a court of law”.

    • And then lil bobby tables went to jail for 200 years for the heinous crime of BUI*. RIP, lbt.

      *Beautifying Under the Influence.

    • Is it adorable and charming? It starts that way but soon becomes “You’re not a creepy adult! Stop! Be a dumb child not a creepy child trying to be a creepy adult.”

  2. I could do better.

  3. This little girl has better makeup than I have!

  4. Little girls playing with make-up, eh. Little girls who know terms like “blend it out” and “outfit of the day” need to put down the make-up and concentrate on logging more hours at the playground, as she’s obviously watched way too many Youtube tutorials. My excuse is that I’m 40 and don’t like to go outside very much anymore.

  5. Another graduate of the Honey Boo Boo school of cosmetology.

  6. I love Madison! I can’t find it but she did one video where she drove up in a toy car with a trailer pulling a puppy and super casually hit the locks on a toy keychain. She is amazing.

  7. If Madison doesn’t make you go “AWWWW,” then you have no heart. If Madison makes you draw comparisons to Honey Boo Boo, you have no brain.

  8. I think we’ve seen a video of hers before, so I feel better knowing that her mom does make-up tutorials and is using her stuff… BUT I am still jealous that she knows how to apply make-up better than me and doesn’t look like a clown with make-up on.

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