Sometimes the best thing to do when confronted with a nightmare that has escaped from the dream world into reality is simply to pretend it isn’t happening. “I didn’t hear that creepy noise coming from the other room when I know I’m home alone,” for example. “That definitely was not my ex who lives in a completely different state and has no reason to be here right now.” “I’m sure that doll didn’t just wink at me.” “THERE IS CERTAINLY NOT A DISGUSTING ROACH CRAWLING ALL ALONG MY SHOULDERS AND BARE NECK WHILE I AM ON LIVE TELEVISION.” And then it’s just as if it never happened at all! (Via Gawker.)

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  1. You know, for someone who claims to be so grossed out by bugs you sure do post an awful lot of videos of them…

  2. I’m pretty sure that the internet does not exist. That there is no such thing as computers and electricity was never invented.

    And I didn’t even press play.

  3. Thank you for posting this AFTER lunch, because I may never be able to eat again. At least I got one last meal.

  4. Kelly – you and I are afraid of pretty much all the same things. The difference between us is that one of us isn’t subjecting the other one to those terrors on a regular basis.

  5. Imagine a gif of people standing behind a reporter, waving at the camera like nitwits, and then I say this:

    Roaches. They’re just like us.

  6. This happened to me in college with a centipede. I am still traumatized.

  7. allow me to up the creep factor: this has probably happened to all of us.

    in college, i lived in a really old, very damp building. and one time I went to get my dog a scoop of food from the bag and not 1, not 2, but 3 cockroaches crawled on my hand. that’s when I learned that you should always put food of any kind in sealed containers. and also when I realized that with that many roaches in the building, there was no way i hadn’t been unknowingly crawled on while sleeping.

  8. The real nightmare is that somewhere someone is training a bunch of little bunnies to hop around an adorable rainbow miniature obstacle course and you will never be at that place.

  9. I almost didn’t see it. It’s like a phantom roach.

  10. Dear lord it was so fast. Also I lived in So Cal for eight years and never saw one that size, thank the gods. That is a Southern size, New Orleans style cockroach right there. I grew up with those and am still completely phobic about them to the point of having nightmares about them once a month. Reading some of the stories above reminds me of my many scary roach stories.

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