I know that Terry Richardson is a very successful commercial photographer who gets selected by pretty much every magazine on a rotating basis to photograph every celebrity to make them look like they are in an American Apparel ad (and on that note I am actually surprised that Terry Richardson has not sued American Apparel for a cut of all of their profits since he basically designed their entire aesthetic) and at this point it should come as absolutely no surprise to see a photograph of someone smart or interesting taken by him, or to see a photograph of someone smart or interesting taken with him as that is one of his favorite things to do. Sure! Of course! He gets paid for these things, and he is in high demand. Nevertheless, every time I see one of these photos, I cannot help but be reminded of the numerous accusations brought against him over many many years by young women claiming sexual harassment and abuse and all around questionable behavior. (Accusations that are at least kept plausible by the almost daily postings on his own Tumblr of half-naked girls who cannot be three days older than 18.) There is a court of law for these types of things, and we should not persecute him via rumor mill by way of blog post. By no means do I think that his livelihood should be affected by an unsubstantiated on-line opinion. We will leave that to Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, and the rest of the judges. It’s just something I cannot help but think of every single time that I see him. It probably doesn’t help that the guy’s personal sense of style seems to have been taken from a 1970s-era after school special about not talking to strangers. Hi Oprah! (Via Terry’s Diary.)

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  1. So we’re just going to focus on the fact that he is definitely probably a big ol’ pervert, and just TOTALLY ignore the far more pressing issue of the fact that he only owns one shirt?

    • Also of concern: Why is this guy always seen in pictures with famous people? He is a photographer! He should not be easily recognizable from situations where someone else is clearly doing his job!

  2. What Would Doug Hutchison Do?


    • No, please, start.

      Wait that sounded sarcastic.

      • Instead of my usual lengthy rant and rage blackouts, I’m just going to vent with a Blingee.

        • Ok I lied. I’m going to rant a little.

          I am a big fan of fashion, which people in general find a little weird. So it’s not unusual for me to have to explain myself/defend fashion from people who hate on it. But there is a LOT wrong with the fashion industry and Terry Richardson is Public Enemy #1 as far as I’m concerned.

          There’s this whole gross bubble that surrounds him, made up of industry bigwigs and celebrities who have decided for some reason that he is great, and it snowballs out from there. “Oh, well if Anna Wintour hires him, he must be a great photographer!” “If Oprah looks so happy in this picture with him, how could he be a bad guy?”

          Everybody knows what he does, but because he only does it to powerless models and not the celebrities he photographs, nobody cares. And they keep hiring him and putting him in a position of power. And his photos continue to get not only published in the top magazines, but covered in countless blogs. TBH, I think the question should not be whether people should hire him, but rather WHY IS HE NOT IN JAIL. But I’d be happy to start with “Let’s not give this guy free reign to be a sexual predator and also pay him for the privilege.”

  4. He is so gross. Also, I cannot tell him apart from Dov Charney. In my head they are just lumped together as one giant gross slime pervert monster from a 70s exploitation film.

  5. “YOU get uncomfortable! and YOU get uncomfortable! and YOU get uncomfortable!”

  6. “Love his work.” -Doug Hutchison

  7. I tried to think of something witty, but really I just don’t get why 1. he is famous, as his photos aren’t anything spectacular and 2. people still get their pictures taken by and with him when they MUST realize it just makes them look sleazy by proxy? Like, sure, Lilo and Chloe Sevigny get their pics taken with him OF COURSE they do. But Oprah? She probably, hopefully, has just never heard of him and one of her hip young interns told her she should do a shoot with him.

    • Yup, she would NEVER be seen with anyone who is considered sleazy. Only real professionals, like a doctor with an actual degree, for instance:

      • that is the greatest skirt in the history of skirts.

        bonus: it can double as a disco ball.

        • I think it was designed to blind any sexual predators who may try to attack. Unfortunately, as Gabe has shown us today, it didn’t work.

      • He may be a disgusting person with no real qualifications for his “job”, but at least he (as far as I know) has never been accused of masturbating during interviews or sexually assaulting his clients.

        • “McGraw married his first wife, an ex-cheerleader and homecoming queen named Debbie Higgins McCall, in 1970, when he was 20 years old.[10] According to her, McGraw was domineering and would not allow her to participate in the family business. She claimed that she was confined to domestic duties, which included lifting weights to improve her bustline.[61]”

          Does that count?

    • Terry Richardson is, IMHO, the natural fallout of the influence Helmut Newton had on the industry. Newton shot like a fetishist, and wasn’t really apologetic about it, and his technique wasn’t really anything above-and-beyond. It was brash and obnoxious and it nailed the fashion-bourgeois mentality of the time. Now brash and obnoxious combines with nostalgia and BOOM, enter Terry Richardson. I hate them both, but they DO have compelling images in their portfolio. I hate that too.

  8. This is kind of a weird tangent, but since we’re talking about creepy things…


  9. That has to be Photoshopped, because Oprah isn’t wearing panties and flashing a nipple. I’m pretty sure you sign a contract agreeing to do that when Terry Richardson photographs you.

  10. a.) Oprah seems to be keeping her cleavage on Maximum Security Lockdown. Understandable.
    b.) …is Terry Richardson straightedge?

  11. Why aren’t we talking about those rings Oprah is wearing, I wish i could have just one!

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