President Barack Obama was on The Daily Show last night, which is AT LEAST more appropriate than The View, and he was a dream. (I say that as an unbiased and undecided voter just kidding.) Here are parts one and two.

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  1. Did you guys watch it? I watched it (even stayed up for it!) and I thought Jon Stewart did a good job of pushing a little harder on some good questions and that the President is a very smart and charming guy and answered the questions well. Also made some good jokes.

    Also did you guys see the #RomneyGoogleHistory trend on twitter yesterday? It was hilarious! you could probably still search for it because there are a lot of funny people on the planet! My favorite was “How many times does a human laugh in a day”

    • Yes, I LOVED the #RomneyGoogleHistory trend – and the Onion video. LOL “Holocaust Blooper” and he says “I demand” a lot.

      I agree with you on Obama and LOL’d at the pictures he showed of Michelle greeting him after each debate.

      • I actually think the tweets are better than the Onion video. People are creative!

        • Yes…people are great! There seem to be these things that happen every once in awhile that remind you that there are tons of funny people all around you. Like the amazon reviews for the Bic for Her pens or the Binders Full of Women stuff. Sometimes I hate people but sometimes I’m like, “yeah, people, you’re alright!”

  2. I watched it! Was everyone’s favorite part when Barry started calling issues “not real sexy”? It was? Okay, great.

  3. “Hey Obama really glad you were talking to Jon Stewart instead of fixing the country” – Some asshole you are friends with on Facebook

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