HALLOWEEN! The horrible holiday that you think of ideas for all year long, finally deciding, at the last minute, on whatever you have already because it’s all a drag that you do not have the energy for. (Or a fun holiday that you excitedly prepare for in October because you like fun and your friend is having a party.) (Or maybe you have children and it is cute to dress them up like a pumpkin.) (There are all kinds of possibilities for this wonderful holiday.) Just as a HEAD’S UP, though, For those of you who were planning on purchasing the sexy Big Bird costume that’s been making the rounds here on the ‘net lately, I have some bad news from the Sesame Workshop. From E!:

“The costumes are not licensed or authorized by Sesame Workshop. We are working with our legal team to have the costumes removed from the market,” Sesame Workshop said in a statement.

SO CROSS THAT OFF THE LIST. What are you going to be instead, if you are going to dress up because you are an adult and can do whatever you want even if it seems like it’s something for children? Are you planning on someone from television or a movie? Are you planning on going as Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks because you are a girl with brown hair? Are you planning on going as Louise from Bob’s Burgers because you found the hat on Etsy by accident and thought “why not”? Are you going to be Batman? Or Barack Obama? Are you and your friends going as The Young Ones? Party Down? Home Movies? Sexy Bart Simpson? Sexy Breaking Bad? Non-racist The Wire? Let’s talk about it!

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  2. My costume is the same as it has been the last three years: Carmen Sandiego.*

    *Meaning I will be in sweatpants eating candy and texting people with increasingly cryptic clues as to my whereabouts.

    • That’s more effort than I even put into it. I just usually tell people to keep an eye out for me, I’ll be the one dressed up as Godot.

  3. I will continue to dress my son and myself in matching costumes as long as he continues to not realize he should be embarassed by that. We’re gonna be Brobee and Muno this year. Of course, after he goes to bed and I go out to Halloween parties, I’ll modify it to be Sexy Muno, obviously.

  4. Also, I always used to joke about going as sexy Miss Havisham because it seemed hilarious to me until I found out that has ALREADY BEEN DONE FOR REAL. Ahh.

  5. Last year I had the greatest costume ever (I was the DNA strand from Jurassic Park and my fiance was John Hammond) and so this year I’m playing it cool and not doing anything elaborate. So of course I’ll be ordering that slutty big bird pictured above.

  6. i’ll do what i do every year and just come up with something last minute.

  7. You guys, we should have a Monster Halloween Costume Party! This year’s theme will be “Sexy costumes: how far is too far?” I call dibs on Sexy Trayvon Martin!

  8. or this…

  9. I’m going with this:

  10. I am going to be batgirl because for some reason I told everyone I was and now I feel like I have to follow through.

    Also, I love that batgirl costumes for sale are all strapless and slutty and such, when her actual costume is a skin-tight jumpsuit (which clearly isn’t slutty at all…). Also, I’d like to thank Spanx for sponsoring my Batgirl costume.

  11. Wow, I just typed this in response to southernbitch in the how you doin’ thread. I was going to be Ginger Spice and make finger puppets of the other 4 Spice Girls and maybe David Beckham on my thumb, but it’s going to be too cold in Montreal this year for a tiny Union Jack dress, so I’m torn between 60s flight attendant as I have an old school Air Canada bag and a navy blue skirt and blazer (to which I will add a fascinator with a little airplane and a jaunty neck scarf), or Margot Tannenbaum because I have a fur coat even though I’m vegetarian it’s vintage and I bought it second hand which I guess makes it not as horrible to own, and I have a blonde wig from when I went as the Ukrainian girl from my class for Halloween so I’d just need to put some brown tape or something on my finger and smoke a lot. My brother is coming to town and is going as Donald Sutherland’s Hawkeye, so I told him if it’s cold enough for a parka I’ll be his Trapper John.

  12. Two years ago I was Edward from Twilight and last year I was Jacob from Twilight, and let me tell you, they were both pretty amazing costumes. But I don’t have any good ideas this year. My sister and I were considering going as Angela and Rayanne from My So-Called Life, but I’m hoping to come up with something better.

  13. I made the joke before and I’ll make the joke again… I’m going as crying Claire Danes. We look *a lot* alike. As an experiment, I switched out my pic for hers on FB and my friend SINCE 10 got us confused. So basically I’m just going to walk around frantically and cry…

  14. As i am “too old” for Halloweens, I will continue to only dress up my dog. This year as Finn!

    or “Sexy Finn” because he is only wearing the Hat and the backpack.
    and only because i got that finn hat with the purchase of the latest Adventure Time DVD.
    otherwise i’d be far too lazy for anything. HALLOWEENS!

    • I’m dressing my dog up as the Morton Salt dog! He’s got a tiny yellow rain coat and now we just need to get a tiny umbrella!

    • I’m making my boyfriend be Finn this year (maybe I should revise it to Sexy Finn) to my Mallow Tea Ceremony Princess Bubblegum (sexy Princess Bubblegum, I mean, of course).

  15. yeah! i just posted about this in the how are you doing thread! i am going to be dead rotting deer. i made me a deer jumpsuit, with the stomach split open with intestines and maggots (also handmade!) spilling out. and i have fake crows that i am going to mount on my shoulders. and i made antlers. because i am a crazy person, and new orleans halloween is competitive, and i am in it to win it.

    • That is amazing.

    • I don’t get it, where’s the sexy part?

    • I am so fascinated by this. You have no idea.

      I have so many questions! Which you are by no means obligated to answer. (but you should know my future happiness is 100% dependent on)

      1.) What are all of your past costumes?
      2.) What is your favorite costume of all time?
      3.) Where do you go in all of these costumes to get adequately seen in them? (the best answer for this is, “a ball”) (no pressure)
      4.) Do you only ever get to wear your costumes once? (halloween costumes are the mayflies of great outfits)

      • 1. in recent history, i’ve been a perfectly executed log lady from twin peaks, a reproduction of a frida kahlo painting, and for mardi gras, a wearable stack of pancakes complete with syrup, a bat of butter, and a knitted bacon scarf, and once as the season of winter.
        2. the pancakes were the best so far. they were about a foot and a half tall, and were sewn and stuffed with a hole in the middle so i just wore them around my middle.
        3. in new orleans, you just go to the french quarter/downtown and strut around. everyone is out, you can drink on the streets, and its a huge party.
        4. i’ve worn the pancakes to other events, and other pieces i’ve assembled (such as a crown of branches trailing snowflakes from fishing line with cardinals perched in the branches from the winter costume) i’ve worn for other occasions. i also loan stuff out sometimes.

  16. I had no ideas and was getting frantic that i was going to have to put on a fake moustache and hat with glasses, but luckily i saw yesterday’s Art Is The Worst post, so all i need to do now is get some pipe and i’m set.

  17. I’m going as the concept of whimsy.

  18. Often I am a cowboy as this gives me an excuse to glue on gigantic and oddly shaped fake mustaches from a fake mustache store down my street. But this year, I may go as a pimp, since I own a bright white three-piece suit and have been invited to eat dinner at the Magic Castle. A gigantic odd moustache will get in the way of my overpriced food, and if I get the pimp details right (giant feather, tall shoes, wicked cane) it could be fun to walk around like that for a couple hours.

  19. I really wanted to go as a binder full of woman where I basically strap big pieces of cardboard to my arms with Trapper Keeper images on the back, but it seemed like a lot of work to not be able to put my arms down all night.

    Please feel free to use this idea, anyone who needs it.

  20. I like American Horror Story on Facebook, and just saw this message on my wall…

    “American Horror Story Halloween costumes? Scary never looked this sexy. FX Shop is offering and EXTRA 20% OFF the entire Halloween Gift Guide from now until Midnight PT on Sunday, so check out all your favorite AHS-inspired costumes! Use code HALLOWEEN at checkout.”

    So, I guess just go to shop.fxnetworks for all your costume needs.

    I’m sure these costumes are ridiculous and hilarious, but I’m at work, so I’m going to use good judgement and not look at them until I get home.

  21. so my husbands first girlfriend came to our halloween party dressed as a tea bag. What kind of woman comes to a party dressed in nothing but a giant, see-through tea bag with some wood shavings inside so it would look like T? His second girlfriend came dressed as kitty kat in nothing for a black leotard, a tail and some perky ears. We are not longer married, and I don’t go to costume parties any more. But in retrospect the tea bag was a lot classier

  22. This is basically my costume except I haven’t put all the fake blood on it yet nor purchased a hammer.

  23. Well, I was going to be pregnant Lori from the current season of the Walking Dead. But, the party I was going to was cancelled. Now I have a flannel and a brown wig and hours of practicing the “shocked Lori face” that are all for not.

  24. I want to go as Adam Yauch in memoriam but I need ideas.

  25. I’m going as Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes. We have the same hair! It is very exciting.

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