Ugh, art. NSFW? NSFA!

Fuck art. Dig a hole. Take a nap. Read a magazine. Cook a steak. Wash your hands. Call your mom. Buy some paper towel. Brush your hair. Eat an apple. Make your bed. Find a job. Start a book club. Write an email. Recycle. Go outside. Stay inside. Play Minesweeper. Do whatever. Live your life. But fuck art!

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  1. Can someone explain to our younger readers what Minesweeper was?

  2. I would put everyone on that stage in a jar full of piss so fast…

    • WAIIIIIT!!!! So did you guys know that Piss Christ is NOT a sculpture! It’s just a photo! I went to the gallery where its being displayed a few weeks ago and I kept looking for the jar! But they just had the photo of the crucifix in the jar! I GUESS it was a good photo maybe?!

      People got mad over a PICTURE of a stupid thing that some stupid guy did! So dumb!

      Art IS the worst.

  3. Man, that one guy is really excited that it’s dinner time.

  4. I like this debate format the best so far.

  5. This one’s for Facetaco.

  6. Can we fuck conceptual art and non-theatre performance art and keep the functional stuff and the bits that look nice on my walls? Because I like those, I just don’t think anything that needs an essay written explaining what the heck it is really needs to happen.

    • I just hate the argument “bad art exists so fuck art.” Do we all have to throw away our TVs because of Big Bang Theory?

    • Yeah, it’s just Sturgeon’s law. 90% of everything is crap, and that includes art. That doesn’t mean there’s not good stuff out there, though. Although performance art in particular does seem like a medium that lends itself particularly well to half-assed provocation.

  7. My cool story: I used to be involved with this type of stuff as a much younger person. I was doing music and sound for performances like this, and generally thought it was pretty ridiculous, pretentious and hilarious. However the people ‘creating’ it often took it very seriously and attributed a lot of ‘deep meaning’ to every little part. Although there is also an unspoken undertone of trying to be as off-putting/shocking as possible. But they always have a *vision*, man.

    Incidentally, I once did a show with Justine Bateman, who was WAY into this stuff. She was nice, but a little too way into this stuff. It was something weird with twins crawling around on the floor and people wrapped in bubble wrap and Jesus something something.

  8. I feel like this involves Crispin Glover in one way or another.

  9. So between this and doll lady, I’m concerned Gabe and Kelly aren’t keeping anything special for Halloween. Because both are AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH city.

  10. “,,.and what the artist has given us brilliant deconstruction of the male libido as it pertains to ableism in contemporary society.”

  11. Since it is nightmare day, I’m just going to leave this here…

  12. THANK YOU for FINALLY bringing back the “Worst Movie of All Time,” feature.

  13. Fuck artE.

  14. This guy’s into it:

  15. He lives on North Hollywood, on Radford, near the In-N-Out Burger.

  16. Yes. Popular culture seems to be so much more reasonable than this.

  17. more like (f)art!

  18. I liked it.

  19. Not my favourite piece of perfomance art…

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