NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOO NOOO NOOOOOOOO! I guess let me begin with a question: What is your favorite series of movies based on your favorite television show? I’m sure you have a few favorites that meet this description, but think hard and figure out which is #1. Have you done it yet? Well sit down, lady, ’cause I got some bad news from when The Hollywood Reporter talked to Cynthia Nixon about doing a third Sex and the City movie:

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter if she is hoping for a third film, Nixon — who stars in the World Without End miniseries, which debuts Wednesday night on ReelzChannel — replied: “No, no. I think we had a wonderful ride. I think it’s fine to let it go.”

But Nixon isn’t the only star uninterested in another film. Her comment echoes those made last year by Chris Noth (Mr. Big).

“I don’t see Sex and the City 3 happening,” Noth, who now stars on The Good Wife, told Parade magazine. “I’m not disappointed if they don’t. I miss the early days before it became sort of a circus of attention, when it hadn’t become this iconic thing.”

WHICH PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IS GOING TO FIGHT FOR MORE SEX AND THE CITY MOVIES?! If Barack Obama does not take a strong stance on convincing Cynthia Nixon to do a few more Sex and the City movies (I’m not worried about Chris North — I have a feeling he only needs to be asked and will be on set immediately) then I am just going to have to vote for Jill Stein. (I highly doubt Mitt Romney will be the candidate to publicly convince Cynthia Nixon to do more Sex and the City movies, but I guess WHO KNOWS with that guy.) FOUR! MORE! S&TC MOVIES! EACH! WORSE! THAN THE LAST! BOTH IN QUALITY! AND! DECENCY!

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  1. Wow, no more Sex and the City movies, no more Gossip Girl, the Yankees probably going to lose in the playoffs… this is the worst year ever for New York, isn’t it?

  2. I don’t trust Cynthia Nixon. Rojo Caliente may just have told her it’s not happening, because she’s the boss in that relationship…I feel like we’ll be cursed with these films for good.

  3. Damnit, I was REALLY hoping to see Charlotte shit herself again.

  4. seems the Mayans got it backwards.

  5. solution: Sex in the Suburbs with Carrie Bradshaw living out in Connecticut and making new friends at her moms group.

    Episode 1: Carrie shocks the mom’s group when she asks if their husbands prefer them shaved.

    • I have a friend named Carrie who was obsessed with that show when it was on TV and was very “big city fashion girl” and is now a suburban mom with 3 kids. So basically, I already get to watch movies 3 through 45.

  6. #1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    #2 Dark Shadows, Dark Shadows 2: Darker Shadows, Dark Shadows Into Darkness
    #3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    #4 One of those space operas that nerds love (I guess. Nerds leave me alone! Nerds, uuugh.)
    #5 Batmens

  7. I watched Sex and the City 2 one night when I was half-black-out drunk. I don’t really remember the movie very much but I remember being DEEPLY offended. It’s definitely more offensive than Salo or Cannibal Holocaust. I can say that with confidence.

    That being said, I’d probably watch the third one, if it happened. But only if I was severely intoxicated and semi-aware of what was happening when I saw it.

    • From reviews of it, I seem to remember a common thread of anti-Arab racism. I guess you’re saying that this was not exxagerated?

      • I mean, from what I remember, DAT SHIT RACIST. And also homophobic in a backwards way. And also super misogynist in a backwards way. It was really just offensive in every possible way.

  8. Instead of more Sex and the City let’s all watch this all day

  9. I’m with Chris Noth on this one. I genuinely liked the show when it first started. He’s right – it is now just a circus.

  10. Hahaha. Chris Noth misses the early days of SATC, before it was a circus, when they were just performing episodes in CBGBs for like eight people WHO REALLY GOT IT.

  11. Hey Chris Noth, you know what everybody fucking loves? Circuses! You’re using analogies wrong, Chris Noth!

  12. Ahhh, “Get ‘CARRIED’ Away”! Just got this.

    (The character’s name is Carrie.)

  13. Kelly, be still my Green Party heart. Jill Stein! S&TC! Whoo!

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