(Headphones UP and volumes DOWN for this one, everybody! Good morning!)

Though you may want to, you can’t always choose where you pass out from fear and where you wake up in a panic. This morning it was in your bedroom, but where will it be tomorrow? On top of the Empire State Building? On a hot air balloon? On the slingshot ride at your local fairground? That’s for tomorrow to know, and for you to find out. GOOD MORNING! (Via BlameItOn.)

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  1. I wonder if his girlfriend will write about this in her Notebook so she can re-read the story to him every day.

  2. This is basically what would happen if you put Guy Pearce in Memento on a carnival ride.

  3. Background music: OMC “How Bizzare”

    Just sayin’.

  4. I am familiar with this device.

  5. That is so crazy. I don’t get how science works and all, but I wonder if he dreamed. I mean that is scary to just wake up, and you’re flying in air.

  6. We are all this guy.

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