Normally at the top of Petting Zoo I’ll include a photo taken from one of the videos, but this photo is not from one of the videos. I AM SO SORRY THAT IT IS NOT! If it were from one of the videos it would certainly be the number one video, but unfortunately this is just a photo. Isn’t it nice? What a sweet, wonderful photo that will certainly brighten the day of anyone it is sent to over gchat without explanation. LET’S WATCH SOME ANIMAL VIDEOOOOS!

10. Dog Wants Pizza

9. Kittens Learn Physics

8. Kitty Gets Tricked

7. Black Gibbon Presents Himself

6. Panda Breakfast

5. Dog Takes Dog On Walk

4. Baby Panda Fail

3. Wombat Training

2. Owl V. Dog

1. Mini Pig Is Confused

WHAT A WONDERFUL LIST! These lists of animal videos are always wonderful, no duh, but I do think that this is an especially wonderful week. Congratulations to the dumb little (also sad?) mini pig for coming in first. You are adorable. So are you, owl and dog. BABY WOMBAT TRAINING? Give me a break. Where does that even happen. Baby panda fail is just a perfect little slice of sweet, and so is the dog taking the other dog for a walk. Good job everyone. Congratulations to us. (Lead photo from CuteOverload.)

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  2. Oh man. Gibbons are my new favorite thing.

    Also, anyone else notice the ferret on the floor in the owl vs. dog staredown? What an interesting collection of pets.

  3. Our dog Little Bear sounds exactly like that pizza dalmation when he’s trying to tell me something. Also, now I want a baby panda.

  4. When my dog was about 9 or 10 weeks old, he met all of the other dogs on the block in a giant puppy party. Then he grabbed ALL OF THEIR LEASHES and took them on a walk and the adult dogs totally went with it. So a tiny yellow lab / beagle puppy walked 2 rottweilers, a German shepherd and a chocolate lab for about a block or so. It was basically the best thing in the entire world.

  5. I don’t know why that owl didn’t just get all “Creepy Dracula” on that dog.

  6. This “The Petting Zoo” was exactly what I needed today. Until the last video :p

  7. Surprised you didn’t put this in, Kelly: It’s actually a frogmouth and not an owl, but whatever.

    Also, what do you guys think is the appropriate verb for how the baby wombats move? For me, it’s a toss-up between “trundle” and “scamper”.

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