What, do we think we’re better than watching this weatherman blooper? We’re not better than this! We can try to pretend that we don’t want to watch this weatherman blooper all we want, but when it comes right down to it we’re going to watch the weatherman blooper and we’re going to LOVE IT. #bloopers #boners #localnews (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. I want to make a gif of this for my gay porn tumblr.

    • This doesn’t even count as Skinemax porn. Come on, Heimaey! The gay community will never be accepted by society if you can’t even produce quality porn!

  2. That guy’s gonna have a hard day after this

  3. Anyone who does not find this delightful is clearly a robot, and should be monitored closely for signs of robotic uprisings

  4. Sometimes I think to myself about how much periods and hormone-based birth controls suck and being a girl is really rough, then I remember that I will never, ever have a nervous boner in front of a national audience and subsequently the entire internet. And maybe periods aren’t the worst after all.

  5. I just blew the interview for my dream job, but this made me feel marginally better. Because of innuendo.

  6. More like Tropical Storm Johnson, amirite?

  7. Something something penis storm something something ozone hole.

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