While it appears to everyone else that Kate Gosselin has had serious cosmetic surgery, she claims to be suffering from Benjamin Button disease. Do you think this is true?! N/N?!

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  1. God, those poor children. At least there are eight of them to share the burden when their mom grows up to be even more of a baby.

  2. This is seriously offensive to those of us who suffer from the very real disease known as “Reverse Benjamin Button.”

  3. She’s totally a monster but yeah, she looks great.

  4. Looks more like she has Sweet Dee disease.

  5. I wish more people who had plastic surgery would be upfront about it.

  6. Lots of people de-age. Just not by natural methods. But if that’s what it takes to keep my relationship with Mary Louise Parker alive, then so be it.

  7. Maybe she meant she became unstuck in time. It can happen, just ask Billy Pilgrim.

  8. Jesus Christ, she looks like Jenny McCarthy.

  9. Having no access to TV and therefore no idea what her personality is, I feel free to say she looks really good. But also free to guess that one of these two must be true, if she were your friend in real life:

    1) You would get sick of her bullshit fast because she is so enormously stupid that she rounds the bend into thinking she is smarter than everyone, and has literally no idea that you can see through her Benjamin Button story.

    2) She has a wicked sense of humor and is fun to get drinks with, and is the kind of person that another friend of yours once described as “a scream.”

    Which is it, you guys? Keep in mind I have never seen her show.

  10. “Nothing tastes as good as bathing in the blood of 30 virgins feels” – her.

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