• Vin Diesel IS some character in the next Avengers movie! (According to his Facebook fan art!) (Which is always perfect!) – FlimDrunk
  • Oh no, you guys. In two years, once the show’s contract is up, Paul Shaffer might be leaving Letterman!!!!! Or he might not? Or they might just do the show together forever. But who could ever replace him if he decides to leave?!?! -TVGuide
  • Oh, perfect. Guess what the world needs. I’ll give you one guess. Just think of the thing that comes naturally when asked, “What does the world need?” Did you think of a third Alice In Wonderland set-in-the-future reboot coming to television soon? Good job! -AVClub
  • Aaron Paul is going to be in a movie! -EntertainmentWeekly
  • Some guy predicts that people watching movies first on tablets and mobile devices is going to basically destroy the theater industry “within months.” That sounds dumb, but also: What!? Stop watching movies on your cell phones, there are so many better choices! -TheHollywoodReporter
  • In this interview, Jonathan Nolan FINALLY answers some questions about the end of The Dark Knight Rises. (“Answers” meaning “doesn’t even come close to answering at all” doy.) -SlashFilm
  • And, finally, I’ll leave you with Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 ad, because it is perfect. -HyperVocal
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  1. Doug Pitt, THE BEST PITT, would never sell out and do a dumb commercial.

  2. Wait do people watch movies on their phones or tablets when not on an airplane / train?

  3. Am I the only idiot who thought the ending of that Batman trash film was explicitly clear? Because there is also a scene where Lucius finds out that Batman fixed the seat eject?

    Yes? Okay, fine. I hated that whole ending, and yet, the fact that it’s all supposed to be “ambiguous and maybe imaginary” makes it even stupider.

    Stupid auteur filmmakers and there dumb brothers and their overwrought metaphors and nonsense.

    • Oh boy, I can’t disagree enough about how much that ending was neither stupid, nor disappointing.

      But more importantly where we do agree, is it wasn’t particularly ambiguous. Clearly Batman didn’t die. We don’t even have to discuss that, because that is something true idiots (neither I, nor you) are discussing still on the imdb forumz. The Nolans are just adopting it probably (I assume) because for them to explain their clear and obvious ending to the world would be unecessary and take too much time because even when they do, there will STILL be people who refuse to accept the reality.

      • I’m a masochist who insists on scrolling insane conversations on imdb after I see movies, and there are always delusional people who will just flat out refuse to accept an ending they don’t like. Instead they’ll argue the director implied an ending they DO like (that they made up in their head) in order to validate liking a thing (that if they accept the reality of, they may not like?

  4. Why is that old lady who messed up the Jesus fresco at the Sanctuary of Mercy Church making Vin Diesel fan art? Maybe he really is a worldwide superstar.

  5. To be fair I found the death of Bane/that guy saying his real name was Robin/the entire movie’s dialogue problems/the pit a lot more stupid than I found the ending.

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