SPOILER ALERT I haven’t seen the season premiere of The Walking Dead. What are you going to do about it? Chop my head off with a machete? GO FOR IT! Then I will never have to. Here’s the thing: two of my wonderful friends got married this weekend in our nation’s capital, Philadelphia, and so I was busy celebrating TRUE LOVE in a WORLD OF LIVING HUMANS and was unable to see whether or not Lori argued with Grimes or if instead it was Glen who argued with Daryl. I know someone argued with someone, but WHO? And about what?! (Just kidding. I know about what. About NOTHING.) To be completely honest with you, the jury is still out on whether or not I even will watch this season, much less recap it. The Walking Dead has spent 19 hours boring and infuriating me. By all accounts, and I have run the numbers a couple of times to make sure, I am still going to die one day and therefore the few hours that I have remaining are at least mildly valuable. So, we will see. Was it good? Did you like it? I heard Carl got a haircut. Riveting stuff. If anyone has a serious argument why I should or should not continue watching this show, please feel free to make it in the comments. Or you can just talk about which of the Zombie Kills was your favorite, depending on if there even were any Zombie Kills, which sometimes with this show is not actually the case. Half the time it is just standing around talking about how things are different now. YEAH, GUYS, WE KNOW. But? So? Blogs?

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  1. You have to recap it because your write-ups are completely awesome. Don’t be a dick.

    • Yeah Gabe if you aren’t going to provide us with amazing True Blood recaps or The Hunt for the Worst Movie anymore then maybe at least we can get The Walking Dead as a consolation prize? I enjoy reading your extremely accurate and hilarious take downs of terrible things.

    • I don’t visit videogum as often as I used to — simply as a product of getting older and really getting into the groove of not giving a fuck about kids and what they do because they’re just so noisy and have no taste in anything and while I’m not acknowledging in any the sense my generation, or any generation, knew better than these whippersnappers today, I am coming to grips with the fact that I too must have been a colossal idiot for what? 15, 20 years? (assuming my very early years are given a pass because I was a pretty hip baby) and now I am putting away childish things.

      POINT BEING, I did not consider the videogum “Walking Dead” recap a childish thing. It was my Dave Barry. And if taken from me, you may well lose one unique page view for month, and I cannot imagine that is a chance anyone is willing to take.

  2. OMG I was in Philadelphia too at a swim meet though – NOT a wedding. Twinsies!

    I saw it and I have to say, it was a lot better than last season. Still has some of the same flaws but it looks like they’re spending less time talking in first year grad school rhetoric and more time SHOWING how they feel. Yay. Hope it’s not just the season premiere.

  3. well, since dish network and amc recently set their facebook relationship status to “it’s complicated,” i no longer have amc, which, for whatever reason, was what it FINALLY took to get me to stop watching this AWFUL GARBAGE NIGHTMARE. i basically only watched it so i could fully appreciate your recaps anyway, and if you start writing them again i will absolutely find a way to keep watching the show. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THAT TO ME, GABE?

  4. The Walking Dead recaps were hands down my FAVORITE recurring feature on this website, only just recently BARELY edged out by Friendly Chats and sometimes not even. I realize it can be emotionally wearing and your health comes first, obviously, but man. We don’t log in to this website to read about what you really think about some crappy TV show, Gabe. We log in because you are an entertaining writer. Please entertain us, because The Walking Dead won’t!

    • Seriously, Gabe’s Walking Dead recaps were the reason I started reading Videogum. Someone on twitter started linking them is Season 1, I thought it was hilarious, started reading just those once a week, and then eventually I started coming here everyday and reading almost everything. They are still the greatest thing on the internet, by far. While the show hasn’t been on the past 6 months or whatever, I find myself not missing the Walking Dead, but missing Gabe’s Walking Dead recaps.

      Please, Gabe?

      • If this wasn’t me posting this reply right now, I would swear that was me posted the comment that I am commenting on now. My exact story almost to the letter, except the Twitter part, that’s not how I found your wonderful blog.

    • Yeah, Gabe. It’s your JOB to recap Walking Dead. Otherwise they wouldn’t call it WORK they would call it FUN TIME HAPPYLAND.

  5. Why would you take away something that gives us such joy? As you continuously point out – we are all going to die one day. Give us the joy of your recaps until we all meet the great blogger in the sky.

    • I can only read the phrase “blogger in the sky” to the tune of Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky” and it’s kind of amazing.

  6. Prison is the new farm. Maybe next season they’ll be barricaded in a McDonalds.

  7. You have to watch it!!! The zombie baby will be born soon!!!!!

  8. *Spoiler* Carl actually listened to the adults and stayed where he was told!

    That was the best part of the episode. Worst part was when Carol (forever Sophia’s mom in my mind) hit on Darryl *shiver.*

    I liked the premise of a zombie fetus like in the remake of “Dawn of the Dead.”

    • My favorite part was when **SPOILER ALERT** Herschel kept walking over that dead guy that was OBVIOUSLY DEAD AND IN NO WAY GOING TO COME BACK TO LIFE AT THE WRONG MOMENT. Great TV. Totally caught me completely off-guard since there was absolutely no indication that the unanimated corpse was going to instantly re-animate.

      Though I will say, they have planted the seed that there may be signs that something is about to happen, yet never actually happens, like when they showed the blonde lady (who is now separated from the group) pick up that arm that fell off the truck for no reason whatsoever last season.

      • Well, in the books it was supposed to be Dale, but the geniuses behind the show killed him off way too early and way too suckily (suck as an adverb).

        • Actually, in the books it was Allen (father of the twins) that got bitten whilst clearing out the prison. It was the first (botched) attempt to save a person that had been bit by amputating the appendage.

          Dale was bitten later on and successfully saved from death by having his foot amputated. Only to eventually succumb to being cannibalized in a redneck BBQ in the ‘burbs. Oh fate thou art a fickle mistress.

          • You’re right. I enjoyed the rednecks contemplating ripping out their own tongues.

            Remember that crazy convict that no one knew why he was there until he beheaded those 2 girls in the prison? I really would like to see if they incorporate that somehow. I consider Michonne beheading those 2 zombies in the store but not destroying their brains as some type of foreshadowing.

          • Let’s try to avoid the spoilers shall we, specialk?

    • That’s sort of a good match though. I mean she seems to like gross asshole rednecks!

    • yea is Darryl going to bone Jamie lee Curtis or what?

  9. Dear Gabe,

    I really want you to watch and recap this season because it is very enjoyable to read about how terrible it is and I like that you refuse to acknowledge that the ugly car they drive is a Hyundai and not a Honda.

    However, you should definitely not watch it because it is awful and will make you hate yourself. The general internet consensus seems to be that the premiere was a “good” or even “very good” episode. Unfortunately they are only comparing it to previous episodes of this show and not a good show. Last night’s episode was filled with all of the characters doing stupid things that don’t make sense and will make you want to yell at them through your tv.

  10. If you dont recap it then I will have zero reasons to watch The Walking Dead. Seriously, your recaps for this show brought me to videogum and they are hilarious!

    • I’m in the same boat as Drew Beskin. I visited this site because of its relationship to Stereogum, but wouldn’t have noticed all the perks of being part of its community if Gabe hadn’t done recaps for The Walking Dead. Also, those recaps have sentimental value. My ex and I would read them together and laugh and drink and discuss how horrible The Walking Dead is and how we agree with Gabe on nearly all levels. Those were some of the best times of our relationship, and they brought us closer together after a big rift had developed between us. I can’t believe how much Videogum has a hand in my happiness, but it does. And I love this site for it!

  11. Spoiler alert: there was definitely some whisper arguing between Grimes and Lori.

  12. “depending on if there even were any Zombie Kills”

    There were SO MANY FUCKING ZOMBIE KILLS!! Face stabs, neck stabs, be-headings…even a be-facing. It was gloriously terrible and it begs to be recapped.

    • The de-facing was de-lightful.

      Gabe, please continue these recaps in order to spite a friend of mine who tells me constantly how terrible this show is, and yet often peppers his conversations with Family Guy quotes.

  13. I was going to watch it just for the recaps, and then it didn’t get recorded on my DVR and I was like, “Eh.” The recaps are hilarious, and I will read them if you write them for sure, but the show is definitely infuriating and I’ve kind of totally lost interest.

  14. I really like that everyone is so positive about Gabe’s negative recaps. But Gabe did specifically ask us to tell him why he should still keep up with the show. And on that note:

    As a fan of the comics for several years now, and that I know what is going to happen and that I knew about the prison, and the new black character with the samurai sword, and that a baby will be born SPOILER SPOILER in the prison, and the look-ahead for the rest of the season is actually a collage of all the better parts of the comic series, in real-life tv form, I will say that as much as it has been a complete and utter drag to watch this crap tv show, one thing has kept me going: Zombies. If they could replace all the main characters with zombies and have a zombie drama where one armless and jawless zombie is in love with the brains of another eyeless and impaled zombie, we’d have a great show here.

    BUT the reason you should still recap it is because this show can only get worse, and I would say that this episode was its climax – a very action-packed episode with twists and scary parts and a bit of drama and a bit of cheesy laughs, and moreover an episode where I wasn’t completely bored throughout. So recap it because, well, this show really sucks, and also because if you don’t… then by the end of the mid-season finale, I probably won’t return and spend my Sunday nights reading (BARF for BOOKS!) or calling it an early night. And you don’t want that Gabe. No. You. Don’t. Recap it because I was literally gushing this morning, excited to go to work and read for 10 minutes about the horribleness that is The Walking Dead. Recap it because you have just disappointed 90% of your readership.

    But also, don’t recap this show if it really drains you to keep up with it AND write a well-thoughtout write-up to boot. It’s about your health. Not our tiny pleasures in life.

    • This is a good point for recapping this season at least. Most all of The Walking Dead fans consider the events that make up this third season of The Walking Dead the best material from the comic books.

      So, if you’re going to sit through all of the horrible shit from the first two seasons you might as well watch the section that made the books popular enough to be developed into a tv show. There might actually be an entertaining episode or two this year.

  15. Alex Lane  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2012 +13

    Carl is definitely getting it from the younger daughter, especially since hershel will probably die.

    • That was kind of weird. I know that Beth is supposed to be “young” but I pegged her supposed age at something like nineteen or twenty. Carl is supposed to be around ten…

      There’s no point where that sexual tension isn’t going to creep me out.

  16. Dude, The Walking Dead has become the car accident that we can’t look away from. Please do us the favor of continuing to make this car accident hilarious.

  17. Your Walking Dead reviews are the only thing that make me come to Videogum. You stop reviewing WD, I stop seeing your other random Monday posts.

  18. In the episode, when Herschel asks Lori, “You know who doesn’t give a shit about that?” the response should have been: “Gabe.”

  19. This blog post is literally the highlight of my week. I have an entire group of friends that watch the steaming heap that is the Walking Dead solely so they will get your jokes the next day during your blog. When you’re growing up they tell you that it’s ok for a man to cry in 2 situations…when your dog dies and when your first born son pops out. If you stop writing your Walking Dead blog, the list will expand to 3.

  20. This is worse than when they cancelled Arrested Development!!!!!!!!!

  21. THE Game is BETTER.

  22. It really made Mondays better, to look forward to the recap. That’s my reason~

  23. I refuse to watch this show because, based on these recaps, it sounds like an infuriating waste of time. So it’s hard for me to lobby you (Gabe) to continue to crack on it so ably, knowing that doing so is such an infuriating waste of your time.

    That said, we need you to waste some of your time, or there won’t be a videogum. So I hereby offer a trade: You can ditch the Walking Dead recaps IF you bring back the Hunt for the Worst Movie. Maybe just as a monthly feature! Or biweekly! Alternate it with Movie Club or something! But bring it back, and bring it back hard.

    • I second this!!

      Quit Walking Dead, then we can all quit together…I already thought you were going to stop doing recaps for this train wreck and tried to watch last night’s episode anyway. I could only handle about 27 minutes before I just quit.

      Let’s move forward. By moving backward to the awesome series you used to write.

  24. Hhhhmmmmm why should you recap Gabe? Because it is the american way to watch a show and then put it down. Do u hate America? Also if you stop I will personally kill my cat out of anger! Do you want to be a murderer? I rest my case.

  25. Gabe, get in the fucking house and recap.

  26. You know who could make a pretty serious argument? Dale, that’s who. SERIOUS AS HELL. And just when we need him most, he’s dead.

    Gabe, if you don’t do these recaps, the magic deer died in vain. Think about that. Do you really want that on your karma? Also, there is some weird shit afoot with Carl’s budding sexuality, I really think you’ll regret missing it. All I know is it has something to do with that blonde girl (woman?) who is apparently still on this show, and I’m going to need your help breaking it down.

    Bottom line, if the recaps don’t continue, the terrorists win. And by terrorists, I mean people who have stupid, mundane arguments about completely inconsequential shit while a zombie apocalypse is taking place. Don’t let it happen, Gabe. We’re counting on you.

  27. Seriously?? I’m only watching the third season to follow your recaps!!
    Goddamnit. Please don’t leave us Gabe.

  28. When Carl appeared onscreen for the first time I said “Fucking Carl.” That’s my review of the entire series.

  29. I need the recaps because I’m not particularly smart and I would like to know when the dialogue is bad and I need to know what happens while I fell a sleep.

  30. Your reviews of how awful this show are give me hope for the human race. Please, I want to waste precious hours of my life reading your recaps week in and week out. Don’t stop.

  31. Please, please, PLEASE…keep writing the Walking Dead Recaps. The Walking Dead may be the worst show my brother and I have seen every episode of, and we look forward SO much to reading your hilarious recaps the next day. Besides, the premier WAS awful…but there was a lot of zombie killing. And the end of the episode was totally worth it. My brother and I laughed for about ten minutes.

  32. Sounds like the verdict is in, Gabe: EVERYONE wants you to recap the show this season, myself included. It is a fun show to watch! And a fun show to read your recaps about! And some day soon, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, you will be tapping your desk, trying desperately to think of some way to fill space in between ads for energy drinks, and you wil think to yourself, “dammit, if only I could recap the Walking Dead.”

  33. 1)Look, I don’t give a shit about the show either, but your recaps are THE BEST EVER. Seriously. I look forward to them more than I look forward to even the TV shows that I like (except Arrested Development, sorry). If you do not do recaps, my life will be barren and full of woe.

    2) Do it for “Carl”.

  34. Gabe, I spent half the off-season hyping up your re-caps as one of the best parts of a tired series. Now, after a great premiere that flipped most of my biggest complaints about the show (things got dark, blood, more zombies than arguments, a non-burden Carl) you’re ready to throw in the towel?!? Gabe, this show, finally seems to be becoming what we’ve always wanted it to be. I’m right there with you; this is a make-or-break season for me too, but give it one more year. Carl looked, dare I say it? self-sufficient?

  35. The reason why I came to this website in the first place was because my friend told me these recaps were hilarious. And they were absolutely right. These weekly recaps of righteous indignation and outraged incomprehension are the highlights of this show! Please, Gabe, don’t let it go!

  36. OHMYGOD. If you don’t do recaps this season my brain will CRY. See, every time I’d watch an episode last season, outwardly I was all, “Wow, I LOVE THIS SHOW” because I want people to like me. But INSIDE I was always all, “What the HELL is this steaming pile of crap??” But then I discovered your recaps and I was all, “YES! HE TOTALLY GETS ME!!!” And now you’re going to just LEAVE? IN OUR MOST DESPERATE HOUR? Or, umm, 16 hours or however many horrid episodes we must suffer through. No. You can’t. The premiere was so much better than what we saw in season 2. Well, a little. There was still tons of crap that didn’t make sense and people doing stupid things and tons of lazy writing and Carl in the hat, but, Gabe…there was a conversation about a zombie baby. A ZOMBIE BABY. You know what the difference between a regular baby and a zombie baby is? NOTHING. They are both blobs with no teeth. Yet, it was a serious conversation full of seriousness and fear and furrowed brows and Hershel swearing to lighten the seriousness and fear.

    Please. Just…please. You cannot leave us. I will be sad and then I’ll eat and probably gain weight and then my husband will divorce me. And it will be ALL YOUR FAULT.

    • I second everything here. Tears are streaming down my face from the sheer poetry of this lady’s plea. Oh the humanity of it all…

      (Do you know, I never considered that the baby doesn’t have teeth and therefore couldn’t eat Lori from the inside out? Thank you for reminding me, though secretly I wish it would happen… that would be a hell of a thing…)

  37. The only show that deserves week to week videogum coverage more than the Walking Dead is American Horror Story: Asylum, at least in terms of the quantity of manass (if this season is anything like the last season).

  38. Also: Episode wise. This was actually a pretty good episode. It was so good (good as in acceptable and i didn’t feel like i just wasted an hour of my time) that i’m kind of worried that they just spent all their zombie killin budget in one episode. There was even a monologue by Lori which wasn’t fucking horrible. Also the black woman with the sword was cool and i want to see more of her.

    Also take off that fucking hat carl you look ridiculous.

  39. Pretty please do the recaps – Gabe’s Walking Dead recaps were the reason I started reading Videogum and the only reason I watch the show (online though – I’m in Ireland so am not contributing to any TV ratings, you’ll be pleased to hear – also the reason why I spell things differently – we use UK English not US English if you want to familiarise yourself with it… mainly we’re not as enarmoured with the letter “z” – we prefer “s” and can’t understand your hatred of the letter “u”.).

    Oh, and you make me laugh actually out loud and, as Paris Hilton is wont to say, that’s hot” ,ergo your recaps make you SEXY too. No mean feat when writing about a p1ss-poor zombie show. I love watching the episodes and trying to anticipate what you’re going to say. AND I’ve told my friends about this site (just the zombie obsessed ones) and how embarrassing would it be for me if you aren’t even recapping any more?? Hmmm?

    And just in case it hasn’t already been mentioned – won’t *somebody* PLEASE think about the children?? (Specifically Carl and the zombie fetus…) Who the heck is going to rip the p1ss out of them if you’re not tormenting yourself watching the show and venting in response? Dear lawdie… Carl has been wearing that fecking hat ALL episode and it’s barely been criticised *enough* here to restore the balance of normality to the universe.

    Not recapping is putting peoples’ (mental) LIVES at stake here, Gabe… so show your humanity and recap your heart out.

    I rest my case. I apologise in advance for the zombie pun, but if you ask me, looking at the multiple pleas in the comments here for you to return and recap, it’s a no-brainer…

    Go raibh mile maith agat! (Gaelige for “Thanks a mill!”)

  40. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Also I don’t have cable or a television. I may have mentioned this before over the past year every time television is brought up. And I sure as fuck am not buying a season pass for the Walking Dead. I didn’t even see the second half of last season. I know everything that happened in it because of Gabe’s recaps, but like, I don’t care that I was filled in on the details. I’ll catch up with this show on the back end, if I catch up with it at all.

  41. You openly wondering whether you should even watch/recap this season feels like fishing for compliments, because you KNOW how awesome these reviews are…but I’ll take the bait. YOU HAVE TO DO IT! Your recaps are absolute hilarity and are the thing I look forward to the most in watching the show. C’mon!

  42. You need to keep doing these. It’s the only reason I watch the show anymore.


  44. So you were busy watching TRUE LOVE ?
    As if that’s not going to become some diseased festering crap bent on killing everything until someone ends the misery with an decapitation of that soulless beast.
    The only thing missing is Carl.

  45. Why even have a website if you’re going to give up doing the best thing you do? I don’t care if you enjoy the show or not, your recaps are brilliant. So keep doing them. Simple. Can’t you see it’s the spite and hatred that brings out your best?

  46. Doing recaps on horrible shows is your forte. I’m sure it sucks watching it, just as it is for all of us, but it has to be fun writing up these reviews, doesn’t it? I know I do my best to watch it before you post because I’m so anxious to read it. It’s sad enough you dropped True Blood and have missed gold nuggets like Dexter, but don’t drop this one, it’s a classic. And as apology for even thinking the thought, I suggest you go back and do a real review for this episode! :)

  47. While I’ve been a casual viewer of this site to look at the petting zoo, I’ve been ADDICTED to reading your Walking Dead recaps. In the dry times of walking dead recaps, I’ve been reading Top Chef recaps. TOP. CHEF. RECAPS. Your writing is so funny and good that I’m willing to be entertained by a write-up on a food-based competition and I’m barely seeing any foodporn photos BUT I READ ON ANYWAYS.

    So, if you can sit through Top Chef for more than one episode, then you can sit through Walking Dead, easily. Besides, Lori isn’t as insufferable this time around. They dialed down the Lori, and dialed up the Rick being a Dick. AND IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT, CARL IS ACTUALLY USEFUL AND LIKABLE! I’m afraid this means they might screw with Daryl’s likability it’s like bizarro world.

    My favourite line came from Carol: SETUP: Daryl massaged her shoulder after she complained of rifle kickback. She got a smiley and and wondered if he was flirting and called him on it. Daryl dismisses this and heads for the look-out ladder and says “I’m Goin’ down first.” CAROL SAYS: “THAT’S EVEN BETTER!” oooooooh Carol! You sass!!

  48. Everyone else is right.

    Crying brain, terrorists win, world less funny, magic deer died in vain, and a million other bad things if you stop doing recaps of this unpolishable turd.

  49. please do recaps. i usually watch TWD after it airs and your recap is always the first thing i read after its over. i love the show (the second season was THE WORST, i admit) but i do so enjoy lol-ing at your snarky observations.

  50. I had drifted away from Videogum and the Walking Dead Recaps brought me back. Each week I first read the recap, then watch the show, and then re-read the recap. I have even been known to re-re-read the recaps (I really like them). Without the recaps I would have no interest in the show. Your painstaking criticism makes for great reading.

    That being said, if it seems too awful for you I respect that and its ok if you switch to Homeland.


    90% of why I’m still watching the show is to come here and read Gabe’s recaps and the awesome snark in the comments.


  52. Gabe, if you want out, I’ll totally understand. Just know that you’re going to leave me with nothing to look forward to on Mondays.

  53. Please please please keep doing these recaps. They were the only thing that got me through the 2nd season. I NEED you.

  54. I made an account just to tell you to, please, continue watching this show and recapping it with the same vigor you have for the first two seasons.
    I watched the show so that I could best understand your recaps. Only reason I stayed on for season 2. Don’t leave us now (but, yeah, I get why you wouldn’t want to watch it)

  55. I seriously only watch the show so I can read your recaps of it… You can’t fathom my disappointment level right now. :/

  56. Really relied on these amazing recaps to get me through work. Does anyone else here have people in their lives that not only love this terrible show, but also for some reason go completely insane defending its ‘greatness’ on a viscerally personal level? I do, and it’s horrible, and recaps, well, they help. Look, I even signed up to comment just now so I could comment on this right now.

  57. Thanks a lot Gabe, now *I’ll* have to watch it

  58. The Walking Dead is probably the only show I watch because I love to hate it!
    I was so psyched when I first started watching TWD and then I wasn’t as the series progressed & then I became very disappointed over how it was turning out-UNTIL my son started reading your re-caps to me & we would both start LOAO! It has become a tradition that we have waited all Summer to begin again!
    Think of all the people who wouldn’t be laughing as much if you were to stop your re-caps-your re-caps rock!

  59. Greetings from Holland. Gabe, I discovered this site through your recaps last year and as others already wrote, without your hilarious but yet so accurate recaps, I see no reason to watch this show again or to come back to this site… Your (and others) comments add so much value to the show! :0))

    The writers of that show should actually pay for your contribution: without it, they’d get less watchers…!

    So please keep on writing, same for Games of Thrones :P

  60. yooo so is this guy Gabe really not doing recaps? I like the cartoon bubbles he puts over the stills from the show. especially the one with that jerktard Carl. maybe I can start submitting recaps for this show and rip Lori to shreds on the regular

  61. this season is a lot better than the second one. lots more zombie kills. lots more carl faces

    also, didn’t you do like 9 seasons of top chef? come on man. if you can do that you can do a couple more seasons of walking dead. please?

  62. My favorite part was when Grimes told Carl to stay behind because they didn’t know what was behind those doors, and Carl might be the last “man” standing,and he would need to handle things. Yes of course the 10 year old child should be in charge of the group, not the other adults left. We all know women can only be trusted with laundry and cooking, so great to see Grimes furthering the equality of women, way to go! This show really is just wonderful and forward thinking.

    So that part of the show should be enough of a reason for you to keep recapping. If you stop you’ll miss out on many of those type of wonderful moments. Also I will be very sad if I can’t read you recaps, the only good reason I get out of bed on Mondays…………………………unless you count to go to work, which I don’t count as a good reason for getting out of bed, more of a forced reason.
    So there’s my contribution to the discussion. Although based on the fact that it is Tuesday after the second episode, I think Gabe has already made his decision :(

  63. So seriously, you are just going to ignore everyone’s pleads for you to continue? You’re not even going to respond, tell us sorry, thanks for the support, but no? Wonderful. I guess I’m done with this site. Anyone know of any other sites with hilarious reviews on TWD?

  64. Please confirm if you’re actually done. First True Blood, and now this?? What do you think people read this site for? You overestimate the other videogum topics. I’m done too.

  65. Lori died in last night’s episode. It’s safe to come back.

  66. Look Gabe, I fully respect your respecting Walking Dead’s attempt at recovery, but I think we all know by now that this TV show is clearly back to being THE.WORST. and that it will always be so, and not letting people know this is A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Also Lorri dies, so you have something to look forward to, except after you watch episode four, when shit starts getting really boring/stupid again, but then again that’ s what you are for, isn’t it? ISN’T IT GABE?

  67. So basically the only reason I read VideoGum is gone. Well it was fun while it lasted. Has anyone found a blog with a good walking dumb recap alternative?

  68. I miss the TWD recaps — they were my favorite thing to read, not only on this site, but anywhere. I’ll be back when they come back.

  69. Screw the haters Gabe, we’ll all love you long time when you come back to writing. We know this exercise is very draining for you, we understand… but Spring is here, and with it comes renewed energy, vim and vigor! You should go back to recapping now that WD has once again descended in to utter stupidity. I’ll even give you a jumping off point to help you out:


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