There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she must decide which celebrity’s eyebrows she wants to have surgically sculpted onto her face. Whose will you choose, or whose have you chosen already? For many young women (and perhaps old women who chose the wrong celebrity when their time came as girls) the choice is clear: Megan Fox’s eyebrows are they eyebrows they want. PUT THEM ON ALL OF OUR FACES, PLEASE, WE DON’T CARE WHAT IT COSTS! From ONTD:

Just as Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel” was the most requested hairdo of the mid-1990s, in this boom time for cosmetic enhancements, “The Megan” is the must-have eyebrow of 2012.

Powder and pencil can only go so far. With the bushier look back in vogue — fuller arches are the signature style of everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton — specialists such as Epstein have seen a 30 percent rise in the demand for eyebrow transplants.

“Over the last two years, it’s got really big,” adds Epstein, who performs between 12 and 15 eyebrow surgeries in New York and Miami every month. “A lot of women want [to copy] the Kardashians, but Megan Fox is far and away the favorite.”

(For those of you who are curious about what it costs, though, the answer is somewhere between $4,000 and $8,000. Which isn’t as bad as what I would have guessed, actually.) (Maybe we SHOULD get these eyebrows? Girls?) GIMME GIMME GIMME! My only dream for my generation is that we could all have perfect Megan Fox eyebrows with Jessica Alba bodies and tiny toes and fish lips and snake hair and each of us would have the brain of comedianne Whitney Cummings. What a beautiful world we could create. Congratulations, Megan Fox, on having the eye-brows most women want plucked from their head hair and implanted into their surgically altered top-face. Girl, you’re really doing it.

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  1. Oh man, can I get some quick cash if I donate eyebrow hair? Because I’ve got a whole bunch in the middle section I’m willing to part with.

  2. But “The Rachel” was named after Jennifer Aniston’s character from Friends. So shouldn’t Megan’s eyebrows be called “The SHIA LEBEOUF LOVE INTEREST MARK I”?

  3. Do they transplant the hair from another part of your body? If so, which part?

  4. Surgery. Is there anything it can’t do?

  5. Lady Mary has the best eyebrows.

    • Lady Mary’s Eyebrows are the Lady Sybil of Lady Mary’s face.

    • Lady Mary has the best everything. I once walked into a hat store and tried to find a Lady Mary hat and discovered that the way to pull off a Lady Mary hat is to have a Lady Mary face (or maybe live in a Lady Mary decade, but if I looked like she did, I’d wear those hats every day of the year).

  6. forget her eyebrows i want her thumbs transplanted instead of mine

  7. I think I speak for most straight men when I say, I didn’t even realize Megan Fox had eyebrows.

  8. any volunteers for a “taking one for the team” installment?


  10. Know what I don’t get about this? Eyebrows can pretty easily be plucked and shaped. Can’t you just shape them into Megan Fox’s shape and save the $4,000? Sorry, minus the tweezers: $3988.

    • Also, there are eyebrow pencils which are amazing if you are into that sort of thing (which I am) (Anastasia’s Perfect Brow Pencil is my favorite makeup) and can define so much and is pretty subtle unless you go full Joan Collins (which is fun but maybe not an every day look). So that would be an additional $20, for a total savings of $3968. That is like so many sandwiches guys, I cannot even fathom how many sandwiches $3968 can buy.

    • But according to the article, “Powder and pencil can only go so far.” Can you really dispute the facts of the article? Clearly you must spend $4000-$8000 because they said so.

    • I have wispy eyebrows, so I understand why one might plonk down $4,000 to fix that problem forever if one had infinite money. I’m also really terrible at penciling? Like I use that thing like a crayon unless I’m really careful and end up with wispy eyebrows over brown-stained brow skin.

  11. 1. Who the hell is getting eyebrow transplants??

    2. I would get Jennifer Connelly’s.

    • I want Lee van Cleef’s.

    • it’s so funny to me that so many women really want eyebrows of celebrities with very defined – some might say ‘strong’ eyebrows [aka "big"] – when they themselves likely have them anyhow or pluck them away to be much thinner and less bold.

      it’d be like a guy who dies his gray hair black wishing he had George Clooney’s hair or Mandy Patinkin’s beard.

  12. How much do you think it costs to switch faces with Nic Cage? What if you enter TRAVOLTA as the savings code?

    • It is easy to imagine Nic Cage loving the idea of walking around with a different stranger’s face every hour for the next six months as this Living Social deal skyrockets in popularity.

  13. I can’t believe none of our Photoshop wizards have put Megan Fox’s eyebrows on Birdie yet.

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