The world is still full of surprises, though, for real.

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  1. Hot Pockets and Snoop are both the best at what they do (being amazing when I’m sober and even more amazing when I’m drunk), so I approve of this message.

  2. snoop dogg has gotten too high. i mean snoop lion, i think

  3. This brings up more questions than it answers.

    • At least it answers the important question: “Does Andy Milonakis still exist?”

    • My big questions are: What is that smoke at the beginning? Is it already cooked? But then he put it in the microwave? So is there liquid nitrogen keeping it frozen? Why is it wearing a coat? Is it because it’s in liquid nitrogen and it’s cold? Is that fur jacket actually going to serve the functional purpose of a hot pocket cardboard jacket?

      … I am way overthinking this.

  4. and just like hot pockets, that model has a hot exterior shell, yet remains frozen dead inside.

  5. I don’t think Jah would approve.

  6. I like the b-side: Ain’t Nothing but a Cheese Thang

  7. I don’t know a lot about microwave science, but wouldn’t that faux fur jacket melt into the Hot Pocket, rendering it inedible? Or maybe rendering it delicious……..?

  8. I love it when artists make a living in highly entertaining ways; it’s a win/win. I also loves it when Andy Milonakis worms his way into things (Neptr anyone?).

  9. Is this an ad for a microwaveable leopard-print Hot Pocket sleeve? If so, one please.

  10. Wow, seeing Snoop aging is funny. Is this his version of trying to pull his own George Foreman-like middle-aged re-branding as a lovable, family-friendly pitchman? So many things going on in this ad it’s making my head spin. Funny thing is though, despite the overwhelmingly cheesy nature of this ad, it still gets stuck in my head – that’s a great credit to Pharrell/The Neptunes for making such a catchy beat and song that even the Hot Pockets lyrics over it are catchy.

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