Would you believe that on the same day we got word that this powerful lady had declared publicly that she would be voting for Mitt Romney, ANOTHER POWERFUL LADY has declared the same thing? (As of now?) From E! Online:

The Liz & Dick star stepped out at tonight’s Mr Pink’s Ginseng Drink event at the Regent Beverly Wilshire and announced that she’s putting her celebrity support behind Mitt Romney.

“I just think employment is really important right now,” LiLo explained when asked if she was keeping up with the election. “So, as of now, Mitt Romney. As of now.”
Shocking? Perhaps. But Lohan says “It’s a long story.”

“It’s a long story. Have you ever heard of the Forbes list of millionaires? Well — you know, let’s not get into it right now.” I know that Lindsay Lohan has been having a tough time over the past few days (please — we ALL know), and it is actually very sad and horrible and I wish someone would just take care of this broken human being, but I am happy to see that she at least knows there is an election coming up and has someone in mind to vote for. Clearly the polls must be closed now, correct?

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  1. ugh, why would you choose a pre-trainwreck picture of her for this article, now i’m all sad :(

  2. I don’t think Lindsay knows that Mitt can’t drink vodka

  3. Lindsay Lohan: Making great decisions since birth!

  4. once she hear’s his stance on underwater mortgages, i’m sure she’ll reconsider.

  5. This is really upsetting. She probably PERSONALLY ties up 3-4 LAPD officers and DEA agents every day. If Mitt is in charge, local forces will get even less funding and criminals like her will run wild…

    Ohhhhhh I get. Less police force = less time in the pokey. She’s smarter than she looks.

  6. The thing that makes this endorsement doubly powerful is the fact that she apparently isn’t even registered to vote (via my Lohan Google alert).

  7. I don’t understand why I care, but I still wish she would get her shit together

  8. Kelly used the sheeple tag, which is probably the best tag of all… Is she implying that Ms. Lohan is in the Illuminati? Or is she giving us hints that SHE is in the Illuminati?????

    Oh my god, you guys. READ THIS.

    they’ve already caught her, she’s making a new movie where she “channels” Elizabeth Taylor.. The person controlling her is Woody Allen.( Jay-Z : Beyonce; Billy Ray Cyrus : Miley Cyrus; Baby : Nicki Minaj and so on) – Red Ridin in da Hood


    • illumaniti is not just the entertainment business, actors, business mogals, athletes, the government former presidents its alot of people black and white, google it and you will find out how it works. very high end places like mcdonalds, walt disney even microsoft. for those who don’t believe in the illumaniti just listen to tupac songs that will let you know. “illumaniti all through ya body, it blows like a 12 gauge shotty, uh feel me”. remember? they could be after her they could not be but they wouldn’t accept her if she’s speaking about it publicly they are all about secretcy. they probably want to make her a blood sacrifice. – kesha

  9. Fine, BUT WHAT DOES SHE THINK ABOUT LENA DUNHAM’S BOOK DEAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  10. Mr. Pink’s Ginseng Drink event is where all the A-listers announce their political allegiances.

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