It looks like the next big trend in television shows based on Internet nothings doomed to fail is television shows based on Tumblr blogs! Perfect! In the future all television show will be based on GIFs, all books will be based on Tumblrs dedicated to GIFs, and all GIFs will be taken from television shows. Indeed a beautiful, if hard to grasp, world concept. From Deadline:

NBC has put in development F*ck I’m In My Twenties, a half-hour comedy project based on the Tumblr blog of 24-year-old Emma Koenig, which also has spawned a book. The project, from BermanBraun and Universal Television, chronicles a woman’s experience as a twentysomething living in the big city. It will reflect the reality today’s generation is facing post-graduation as does Koenig’s blog, which consists of hand-drawn musings (like the one on left) about the plight of today’s millennials.

This is the second Tumblr blog by a twentysomething female writer to get a TV adaptation, joining Lauren Bachelis’ Hollywood Assistants blog, which inspired a comedy set up at CBS. Tumblr is proving to be as popular source material for broadcast comedy series this season as Twitter once was.

So, which Tumblrs, other than those two, do you want to see on TV next? Calm down, calm down! You have to be more specific than ALL OF THEM. (The Hollywood Assistants one is strange because that is literally just a GIF blog? So I have to imagine the television show is just going to be about Hollywood Assistants? So Lauren Bachelis just sold them the idea of a job they come across every day of their lives, in their own office? Good for her! Sincerely!) My choice would be and it would be a split-screen of me and looking at our computers, sometimes making mad faces, sometimes laughing quietly. But what would your choice be?! ANSWER ME THIS IS IMPORTANT.

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  2. Rich Dogs of Instagram!

  3. Dudes With Beards Eating Cupcakes.

  4. Animals Hugging!


  6. Cash Cats!!

  7. Patient Dogs!

    (Starting with THIS episode!!)

  8. The “Adulting” blog just announced that they’re getting a show too!! What is going on??

  9. Is Maddox on tumblr yet?

  10. I have a gay porn tumblr and that I’d like to see on network TV –


  12. do you guys remember ?? I am picturing just a lot of slowly-panning majestic widescreen shots of the eponymous objects. Or it’s just Magnum PI except every episode always manages to work in a shot of him eating a sandwich by a waterfall

  13. obviously michael bublé being stalked by a velociraptor.

  14. hungover owls

  15. i have a sitcom pitch called Oversharers that should get picked up any day now. it’s about 3 self-obsessed well-off girls who all simultaneously get TV shows based on their blogs and end up sharing every last detail about their life that they run out of things to complain about and then run out of ideas….untillllll one thinks, “maybe i should think about someone other than me?” and starts giving away all of her possessions to ultimately go homeless.


  17. ust a little poll, wondering if anyone even really watches tv anymore. And include things like if you just watch on certain days for certain shows or something.

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