In case you missed it last night, please take fifteen minutes and watch the greatest event in television history, featuring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm. It seems impossible that you’d regret it.

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  1. between this and the last Aimee Mann video, what is up with Jon Hamm and shot-for-shot remakes? Is he a real life version of the dude in Remainder by Tom McCarthy??

  2. I admired their attention to detail. (I fast forwarded to the actual recreation after a few seconds on Probst.) This will sound awful, but it felt a little like one of Seth MacFarlane’s “Hey, remember this show? Hahahaha! Yeah…” cutaways… extended to 15 minutes.

  3. Get this Gerald McRaney-less nonsense out of here.

  4. oh good i forgot about this – thanks!

  5. “It is as it was.”

  6. Please tell me the number of parks and rec people in this is leading towards a Hamm cameo (Hammeo?) that ends in a Hamm vs Swanson showdown.

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