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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 badideajeans | Oct 8th Score:43

Hanging out with the Treasure Buddies…

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#4 father time | Oct 8th Score:44

i went with this instead:

Posted in: David Blaine: Electrified: One Million Questions Always What?
#3 catweazle | Oct 8th Score:45

Hanging out with the cast of Gossip Girl in a totally casual and fun setting:

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#2 badideajeans | Oct 8th Score:45

Does anyone else feel tempted to Photoshop Kelly onto other stuff?

Here she is at the ocean…

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#1 badideajeans | Oct 8th Score:48

Making out with Aaron Paul…

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[Assoc. Ed. Note: Wow.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 facetaco | Oct 11th Score:-3
Really feel like we’re just reaching for excuses to attack Romney at this point.
Posted in: Duh Aficionado Magazine: Mitt Romney Isn’t Coach Taylor

[Assoc. Ed. Note: "Really feel like we're just reaching for excuses to attack Romney at this point." - Facetaco impression with baby voice. Hahah. Just kidding! I'M JUST KIDDING, FACETACO! You're definitely probably right, but also there is no way Videogum wasn't going to mention when Romney co-opted the inspirational slogan of its favorite television show. (Also.) This topic fell directly into our arms, no reaching necessary. PS: Was there really NO way you could've photoshopped me into this comment?]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

father time | Oct 9th Score:49

why did i spend so much time on this, what is wrong with me

Posted in: The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Brad Pitt With Dreadlocks

[Ed. Note: Congratulations, father time! You earned it.]

This Week’s Associate Editor’s Choice

imsteph | Oct 11th Score:21

It got really great when I clicked through a slideshow on sweater trends and found this:

Not even kidding. This is the url: Kelly, you are so ahead of the curve.

Posted in: How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

[Assoc. Ed. Note: More than a little embarrassing that you can now know how much I paid for a sweater with bananas on it, but VERY happy to know that I am completely on-trend. Thank you for that, imsteph. Also I thought Monsters' Ball needed a little more banana sweater this week.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

old man fatima | Oct 11th Score:14

My day was garbage! I had a job interview this morning with an awful horrifying monster of a woman who was very mean and belittled me through the whole thing, then came to work to find out I won’t be getting paid for the extra 2 hours I worked yesterday (the woman who is meant to be in at 5 to cover the evenings had to take her kid to the hospital so I stayed until she got here and it was crazy busy) because the company has a policy that you need to clear overtime with head office 24 hours in advance or you won’t be paid for it. My boss was in a shit mood today because she is quitting smoking and just decided to go vegan (even though I don’t think she’s ever had a meal in her life that did not involve pork before this week) and kept yelling at me for all of her mistakes. And I just started my period 2 days early and thank goodness I keep tampons at my desk. I want to eat all of the chocolate in the whole world and snuggle up with Catticus Maximus and have some large man with a soothing deep voice make me tea and read to me. Instead I work until 8 because I had to take the morning off to get treated like a child by a woman you could not pay me a million dollars to accept a job from.

Posted in: How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

[Ed. Note: It's actually really interesting to hear how people's days went. Maybe this should be a regular feature somehow. It almost certainly wo't be, but maybe it SHOULD be. Thank you for sharing, everyone who shared!]

Comments (23)
  1. Ahahahahahahahahahaha. I had one dream this week and it came true. (I actually had two dreams this week, but one got derailed by my legal team.)

    I haven’t had a lot of sleep, you guys. I really haven’t.

  2. So close. Happy Friday everyone!

  3. This was a very enjoyable Ball! Think of me when y’all are having fun tonight. I have to go to a boring fundraiser :(

  4. cool, gabe. i’m working on a blog post for you about spending 8 hours a day on excel sheets. i think i can whittle it down to about 9,000 words. is that cool?

  5. We are watching the Yankees-Orioles game in the office. I really don’t care about baseball, but I do like beer and Halloween-themed oreos.

  6. This is my favorite Monsters’ Ball ever.

  7. Basically Kelly won all the awards!

  8. Awesome week, everyone. Hope your weekends are yummy.

  9. ahh! you guys! my first ball! i feel like a real monster now! this whole “putting off my logo redesign project until the last possible moment” thing has really yielded positive results FOR ALL OF US. my one regret is that i didn’t think to add bananas onto brad pitt’s shirt in the se7en screengrab. oh, well. no use crying over spilled brad pitts. i love you all!

  10. I missed that whole thread somehow, and just went through it now, so I’m experiencing it for the first time. So basically what I’m saying is that I’m a time traveler.

    Happy friday!

  11. Is Kelly OUR generation’s Dan “Toasty” Forden?

  12. Have a great weekend, everybody! And happy B-day Kirk!

  13. Good god, I don’t get ’round to Videogum too often anymore because work be working me hard these days, and so’s I come back and people are photoshopping Kelly into things and we get to describe our days to people free of charge? Everybody’s got new jokes and shit. I feel old. Well, at least I can always count on this to cheer me up…

    Have a good weekend, monsters!

  14. Late to the party, but I’m honored to be part of one of my favorite balls yet! Kelly, I was thinking about buying that sweater because it is really growing on me, but they are out of my size, so I guess I can’t rip your style. BOO.

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