It’s Always Sunny and The League are baaaaaaack! YAY! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is my personal favorite of shows that air on Thursday nights, so this is very exciting, for me. Do not care at all about how exciting or not exciting it is for you. (JK!) Unfortunately it aired during the final half-hour of the debate last night (which we will talk about in another post that will be up in, like, two seconds, so relax) for those of us in EST, so it’s lucky that we live in the year 2012 where that kind of scheduling doesn’t even matter at all and really only meant that we got to watch it without commercials later. So, great! IT WASN’T THE BEST EPISODE, THOUGH! It felt rushed, as if they forgot they had to make an episode until the very last minute and then were like, “Ahhh, what’s something that’s seems like something It’s Always Sunny would do?!” The gang’s thought processes weren’t as detailed or explained as they usually have been in the past (which is really always what makes their horrible actions funny — their slow, overwrought justification of them), and the whole episode seemed to be moving a little too quickly. STILL FUNNY THO. Still love the gang. Hope the show hasn’t burned out! The League was gooooood. It was fine. I have, for every season of The League, held onto the idea that I do like The League, but I am always disappointed and maybe the fact is that I really just don’t like it? What do you guys think about The League? BRYAN CRANSTON WAS ON 30 ROCK! My favorite part was the song he sang. Hahah. Ahh! I thought it was a fine episode, in a good way. I think it will be a fine final season. (Very good commentary!) Up All Night was kind of great, which is absolutely just because I hold it to the lowest standard. But also it does very well with that low standard! What did you think?!

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  1. “Let me die in an emergency room with a treatable disease like an American.”

  2. Some photoshop angel made this and I thought you’d all appreciate seeing it:

  3. I didn’t like that new show where the old guy verbally beat the crap out of Eddie Munster.

  4. Vampire Diaries corner!

    Not a great episode. Last season’s finale was sooooooo good that there was no way they could live up to it. But GIVE ME A BREAK with the crazytown priest guy. And also why even bother having Klaus move into Tyler’s body if they’re just going to put him back in his own inexplicably-intact body immediately? Just so we could all bite our nails in the scene where he nearly tricks Caroline into sleeping with him while he’s wearing her boyfriend’s skin?!

    • I thought it was a decent episode; I’m so over Klaus. I’m hoping they’re setting up for Bonnie to actually have a story this season; something besides saving Elena every few hours.

      • Yeah, I don’t get the infatuation with Klaus, and it’s very frustrating that they’ve now made it so that if Klaus dies, then Stefan, Damon, Elena, Katherine (where is she, btw?), Caroline and Tyler all die too. So we’re stuck with him forever.

        And I’m very concerned that Bonnie is headed into a “Willow is addicted to magic” plotline. She’s already a terrible character who needs to go away. Let’s not make it worse!

  5. I just started watching The League last night! From the 1st season! Didn’t NOT like it, but Paul Scheer’s teeth bother me. A lot.

  6. I like the League and can definitely understand of liking the League in theory rather than reality.

  7. The comic relief of my favorite horrible Philadelphia gang was so welcome after that debate.

  8. I’m with you, Kelly. It’s Always Sunny felt a little off, but I did like the parts at the dog shelter. I also liked that they didn’t even bother to explain Mac’s weight loss!

  9. Also someone wonderful made this:

  10. i have felt Always Sunny is becoming shock-for-shock’s sake humor for a while and last night was the absolute last straw.

    tuned in hoping they had the “new actors” do an entire episode – that would be really funny – but instead they went further down the rabbit hole of mediocrity. having recently had to put a dog down and losing a grandparent, i turned it off about 10 minutes in.

    so long Philly….yo homes to Bel Air!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your dog and your grandparent, explainer guy.
      It’s like that formula Tig Notaro mentioned at her Largo set after getting diagnosed with cancer: Comedy = Tragedy + Time.
      Sounds like this wasn’t the episode for you.
      Once again, my condolences.

  11. The League is fine for what it is and probably even smarter than it needs to be but it’s still a little too bro-y for my tastes. I know it’s a show about fantasy football so it’s going to be bro-y but there is a smart way of doing that (Paul Scheer!) and then there is the sexist/homophobic approach that this show defers to sometimes. And Taco is the worst. I kind of imagine those dudes pitched a show that did not have a Taco in it and then FX was like, “well, you’re going to need a Taco in it.” That guy is the worst.

    • Exactly. Taco is the fucking worst. Also The League needs to calm down on having actual football personality cameos. I get it, its probably awesome to make a show about fantasy football and then have actual NFL players want to be on it, but enough is enough. When I try to sell someone on this show, I’m like “well yes it is about football but its actually good because this ensemble cast (minus taco) is actually pretty well put together and paul scheer is a gem obviously.” Was anyone out there like “the league is cool, I just wish they got to meet and interact with more NFLers” there were like 8 minutes of material last night where the only intended audience reaction could be “so rad that these guys get to go to cowboys training camp and just bro the fuck out.”

  12. Considering the Sunny episode’s title was ‘Pop-Pop: The Final Solution,’ and included things such as pulling an old nazi off of life support, failed attempts to euthanize dogs with the most soulful eyes in the world, a Hitler painting amateurly painted over by Charlie, (a la that old lady in Spain painting over that Jesus renaissance painting), reports of stray dog attacks, and Dennis’ rather unfortunate choice of shirt (black and gray stripes? YIKES), the use of Flight of the Valkyries during the cold open, and great callbacks from all over the history of the past 7 seasons (Pop-Pop, the lawyer, Mrs. Reynolds, the duster, the continuing downward spiral of Rickety Cricket, Charlie’s inability to read yet again [always great], etc), I’d say It’s Always Sunny had a fun season premiere, and I’m looking forward to see where the Gang goes this season.

  13. “Oh, he’s always been a special boy. I remember the day he was born. He looked up at me and he said, ‘Momma, I am not a person. My body’s just a flesh vessel for an immortal being whose name, if you heard it, would make you lose your mind.’ Do you remember that, honey?”

    I am so scared of Kenneth now.

    And I hope Ron and Mrs. Parcell show up again and again and again.

    Pearline: “But Ron sings. He writes his own songs!”
    Kenneth: “Are they about being a loser?”
    Ron: “Some of ‘em!”

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