It’s crazy anyone is even still undecided at this point. Like, have you watched the vlogs? Make up your mind or whatever!

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  1. The plane is her generation’s empty chair.

  2. US american maps such as the iraq

  3. i know that she probably is a “young american” but I seriously thought this lady was like 35 trying to look 18 at first.

    Does anyone wanna take one for the team and recap it for me, I just can’t be bothered anymore.

    • “(Romney) is super gorgeous and hot and we haven’t really had a hot president since Kennedy since, like, Kennedy but we all know how that ended.”

      That’s really all you need to know.

  4. Fox News just found its next anchor

  5. for those that point the finger at people like Snooki and the Kardashians as the nadir of our society, I urge you to move it slightly to the left – in the direction of the people who want to be like them. as seen here.

  6. TRUE STORY: this girl (Trisha Paytas) pretended she had a talent (rapping?) so she could go on America’s Got Talent because she loves Howard Stern so much.

  7. “I’m voting for Mitt Romney because, ummmm, Mitt rhymes with TIT!! HAHAHAHA guys I’m just kidding! That would be ridiculous!! LOLOL — Seriously though, I’m voting for him because my cat’s names is Mittens.”

  8. Great news everybody! Her vote counts as much as yours!

    Try not to drink yourself to death over this fact.

    • Not really. Based on her YouTube profile, she either lives in Encino and/or Hollywood, so her city will go blue. Plus I sincerely doubt those nails will allow her to properly fill in the circles on the ballots… and she doesn’t strike me as someone who’d remember to do absentee.

      Also, I’m not totally convinced she’s human.

      • Am I the only person who always confuses the colors? Red with Democratic/ liberal and blue with Republican/ right-wing seems a lot more intuitive.

  9. ‘Lady’ is a generous term.

  10. Her outfit/look just screams ‘conservative’ and ‘catholic’. I can barely tell her apart from a priest.

  11. It’s okay. 70% or more of the people who watch this video will do it with the sound muted, so we don’t have to worry about people listening to her.

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