I’m getting the feeling that Kirk Cameron is never going to rest his case. If he doesn’t rest his case, how will the judge know that it’s time to send him to jail?!

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  1. Why does he have a face mic and also a regular, podium mic?

    I mean I know that’s the least important of the questions this bigot raises… but seriously… WHY?

  2. Kirk Cameron looks a lot like that shitty fabricating reporter from season 5 of The Wire. So aside from the fact that he’s already an asshole, there’s that.

  3. “The resting of one’s case is an abomination in the eyes of God” – Kirk Cameron

  4. So is his theory that as long as he FEELS like he’s oppressed he’s entitled to oppress other people? Makes sense.

  5. You guys, the Catholic Church is not actually forced to pay for birth control pills for women. I don’t think everything Kirk says here pans out…

  6. Of COURSE he’s going to rest his case. He’s just waiting until the 7th day.

  7. Wow, he has an actual messiah complex.

    “They tried to drag me out into the public square and crucify me.”

    I guess we all try to emulate our heroes.

  8. He’s likening himself to Jesus a lot. I don’t think that his god would like that, I mean he was pretty nasty in the bible about people boasting and did all sorts of fucked up shit to people. God religion is stupid.

  9. Ok, so to offset the horribleness of Kirk Cameron and to actually celebrate “National Coming Out day”, here’s a sweet video of Sally Field accepting an award and talking about her son Sam:


    Hooray for non-awful famous people!

  10. I miss the days when his best friend was named bonner.

  11. “Blasphemy laws” is taking the “Christian persecution” meme to epic new levels of dumb.

    • The transitional phrase, “But, you know, I also learned a lesson from that” usually gives way to some admission of error and modesty, and not, you know, “I AM JESUS!”

      • This was not meant to be a reply. But, you know, I also learned a lesson from that. That lesson is that I could probably start a world religion pretty easily, if I wanted to.

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