Beautiful in its simplicity. (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. Kathy Lee Gifford is, in many ways, like JD McCoy’s dad.

  2. Goddammit. That’s a surprisingly upsetting gif.

  3. That puppy just gets right back up though. That’s good! Good determination, puppy.

  4. It kind of seems like the puppy chose to sacrifice it’s own to face to breathe the alcohol-fume free air away from Kathie Lee.

  5. We can’t blame Kathie Lee, you can’t see what was happening off-screen. Maybe the pimps were in the crib, and she was merely following orders!

  6. My puppy did a swan dive out of the cart I had him at the puppy store about 30 minutes after the adoption process was finalized. He was totally fine, though I was rather convinced someone would call PPS – puppy protective services. But holy wow was that terrifying.

    • Puppies are pretty rubbery. Babies too, for that matter, but they don’t have the coordination to squirm into a less harmful position when dropped.

      • Yeah my little dude fell down and immediately got up and ran down the aisle. Then he pooped in that aisle. He also demanded to sleep in my bed his first night and then wanted his own pillow. Oh puppies!!!

    • My dog got so excited about going for a walk that she lunged facefirst into a closed door. This happened when she was about 7 or 8; don’t worryy, she lived to be 13.

  7. bam margera doesn’t look so bad now, huh.

  8. I wish she would drop one of these hamsters standing in 80′s colors on THEIR heads. THEY ARE FREAKING ME OUT.

  9. She’s been doing that figuratively for years.

  10. I read the title as “Kathie Lee Gifford Pooping a Puppy” and I’m not sure if my reality or actual reality is worse.

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