HEY, LET’S GET THESE KIDS SOME COFFEE, HUH? Who cares if, say, they woke up at 4AM and couldn’t get back to sleep because they had to go down the list of every single thing they were worried about, and then once they finally got back to sleep they had a dream where they were dating Ira Glass and then it was immediately time to wake up again. Put some coffee in those sippy cups and let’s goooo! There’s no time to waste! It’s Thursday! It’s Thursday, boys! Pick those heads up and get to work! (SayOMG.)

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  1. So do you think that these parents film their children non-stop, waiting for them to do something cute, or were those kids drugged?

  2. Seriously, kids are exactly like drunks. And laughing parents are exactly like sober asshole friends.

    • Hey, that’s not fair! I was a pretty hardcore drunk for a while, and I only fell asleep while I was eating once! And my friend didn’t film me, he just left. As in, left the restaurant where I passed out with my hand in a plate of fries, took a taxi to the train station, took a train home. It was a pretty good night.

  3. SayOMG and OMG! Now will combine to form SayOMG! NOW. And there logo will be someone forced to watch cute videos at gunpoint. That is our future.

  4. So, what was it like to date Ira Glass in your dream? Was he a good boyfriend? Or did he just always try to explain things to you and tell you a very interesting story every time you asked him what he wanted to get for dinner? “That’s an amazing and beautifully articulated story, honey, but I’m like super hungry, so do you want Chinese or what?”

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