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  1. Didn’t he die? (Um, spoilers?)(But that movie came out in 2011 so it’s on you if that is spoiled)(I mean that is dedication to not knowing that information, which is impressive, but why would you let down your guard here?)(That just makes no sense)(Also I love parenthetical asides so much) Will all these movies take place in heaven? IS IT THE COLIN BURPO BIOPIC?

  2. Haha, I love how this article says that there definitely won’t be a sequel, but there may be a “Driver-centric spinoff.” Gee, a spinoff of an earlier movie that features the same protagonist? If only there were a word for such a thing!

  3. Part of what made the Driver so interesting in Drive was that we knew very little about him. The movie gave you little pieces of information but his past is mostly unknown. I think to make a spinoff or whatever might kind of debase the character to a degree. I don’t want to know anything else about him.

  4. I hope he has a sassy sidekick, ideally a talking car!!

  5. I want the Driver to show up in the Peanuts movie.

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