After the jump, a three minute behind-the-scenes commercial for a commercial about e-cigarettes starring longtime smoker Stephen Dorff. Oh, yes, that is correct! There is so much demand for a Stephen Dorff commercial for e-cigarettes that they released a full on commercial for the commercial that is 10 times longer than any normal commercial. SO DOPE. It’s also just a very cool commercial. It has jazz playing in the background, kid! Stephen Dorff enjoys the freedom (his word) that smoking e-cigs (his word) provides. “If I want to smoke in a restaurant, I can. People might give me a weird look, but then they’ll realize that they don’t smell anything.” Fucking cool as ice, bro. I’ll smoke to that! Here is Stephen Dorff smoking on a balcony. Here is Stephen Dorff smoking on a couch. Is that a hot lady? Hell yeah it is! If anything it is crazy at this point if you DON’T smoke an e-cigarette. It’s just too cool. You have to do it. Do you think that you are cooler than Stephen Dorff? What makes you think that? Oh, pro-tip, make sure to carry extra AAA batteries in your pocket for your megaCOOL e-cigarette that you’re smoking in the restaurant and getting everyone’s attention so that the cool never stops. “Who’s Mr. Cool head over there?” It’s you. And the best part? Nobody smells a goddamned thing.

Wait. Wait. This ad is a recreation of another ad, which was also for e-cigarettes, that Stephen Dorff and his friend JUST DECIDED TO SHOOT ONE AFTERNOON FOR THE HELL OF IT? Sure. That sounds like a normal thing that happens. “What are you doing?” “I don’t know, nothin’.” “Hey, I’ve got an idea. But first: do you have a camera?” It’s so organic that the e-cigarette company approved of Stephen Dorff’s homemade e-cigarette ad’s creative direction. (WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!) But now they have to reshoot the ad? Why? What’s wrong with the first ad? Who is ever even going to see any of these ads? Ugh. Now I’m all wound up! I need a nice, strawberry flavored e-cig to calm me down. Just kidding. Don’t make me barf. (Via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. you’d think we had all learned our lessons from Feardotcom and know that Stephen Dorff and the internet just don’t mix.

    • Stephen Dorff brings misery wherever he goes. You might think that is hyperbole, but the man was in feardotcom(.com), cold creek manor, AND alone in the dark. That is a lineup of the damned right there, I tell you.

    • this has nothing to do with e-cigs, but speaking of horrible internet-based slasher movies, i’d just like to share this trailer for this real actual movie that someone paid money – probably A MILLION DOLLARS? – to make and that stars keith david for some reason? (keith!)

      OUR generation’s “the tweets are coming from inside the house!” – this movie, probably.

  2. Dorff on E-Cigs

  3. Rise from the Ashes=Dorff Phoenix. Shame that Brett Ratner isn’t directing this.

  4. I recently was at a restaurant and I kept thinking I saw little wisps of smoke out of the corner of my eye. I thought I was just hallucinating, but eventually I realized that the person next to me was smoking an e-cigarette and I almost laughed in his face.

  5. Can anyone tell me what looks cooler than people smoking? NOTHING.

    • I know what looks cooler than smoking :)
      I do it all the time lol people actually come up to me and ask me what I’m smoking and I tell them I’m vaping my Blu cig ;) I have a review about it in my e-cig buyer’s guide actually.

  6. I have one of those stupid things. It truly helped me to quit smoking actual burn-y cigarettes after 20 years of a habit, and I admittedly like it a lot. It’s like time-travel future smoking without most of the negative side-effects, and you can get really tasty (non-strawberry) flavors.

    But I do feel like a *major* tool using it in public, particularly indoors where people will absolutely stare at you and frown. If you use that thing in a restaurant or on public transportation you are a jerk that is making people uncomfortable, whether it smells like anything or not. And I do have to carry around a little pouch of dumb accessories like an asshole, including a spare battery. I endorse trying it if you want to kick the shittier habit, but it’s a high-maintenance endeavor and most definitely does not make you feel ‘cool’ in any sense of the word.

    • I’ve also heard a couple of my friends able to quit using the ecigarette. It’s too bad they’re not marketed towards helping people quit, instead of helping people smoke when they can’t smoke in public places. I guess not surprising here because blu is owned by a cigarette company.

      • Apparently it’s also something something FDA, because it has not been ‘clinically proven’ to their satisfaction or whatever to be safer than actual smoking, when basically, duh. So I guess it’s kind of illegal to advertise it as such, which is really lame.

    • I recently saw the movie Lawless (spoiler alert: it’s terrible!) and this toolbag and his slutty girlfriend were smoking e-cigs in front of us and it was the most distracting thing ever! Just don’t do it! Also, I’m 99% sure he was fingerbanging her at one point.

  7. “you know how sometimes you’re walking along the beach in your t-shirt and sport coat and you think to yourself, ‘MAN, i could go for a cig right now,’ so you reach into the pocket of your beach coat® and light up but then david hasselhoff catches a whiff from his lifeguard tower and gives you that look like ‘nah uh, bub’? THERE’S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!”

    - space truckers’ stephen dorff

  8. Is that even true? Can you smoke an electronic cigarette in a restaurant in NYC (while drinking your 12 oz. soda) and not be ejected immediately?

    “I might get a weird look, but then they realize it’s Stephen Dorff. Just kidding. No one knows who I am!”

    • Nope, pretty sure they’re actually banned in a lot of places already. I got one for a long plane journey once, but then found that the airline had banned them too. THAT’S HOW THEY GET YOU.

    • Even if it’s not ‘officially’ banned, you will get dirty looks from absolutely everyone, and then way too many questions on top of that. And someone will likely still ask you to stop or go outside even after you make your ‘case’. If you try it on a plane you will probably get tackled by Mark Wahlberg.

  9. These things are sold as smoking cessation tools, but they really do just give you MORE places you can smoke. I’m with Dorff! Except I advise carrying on smoking regular cigarettes too? They’re cool and good for you (p. sure?) That way people can laugh at you in a restaurant, but then when they leave they’ll see you standing outside in the cold smoking a real cigarette and realize that they are the real laughing stocks because you’re basically Our Generation’s Fonz.

  10. He smokes eCigs on a balcony, he does some sort of Rat Pack thing for some reason, HE IS: the least interesting man in the world.

  11. I’m sorry, dudes, but E-cigs seem kind of LAME. Awesome, if they help you kick the smoking habit altogether AND in a timely manner. But I don’t know of ANYONE yet who has quit smoking because they transitioned to E-cigs prior. On the contrary, I’ve seen these same people sometimes sneaking puffs from regular cigarettes as they pretend that they only smoke the “cleaner” E-cigs “now”… And that now has turned into almost a few years.

    It seems that the E-cigs simply afford more places to get a nicotine-fix for smokers. And meanwhile, others are confused by the blue-light “embers” and the fact that an “inconsiderate douche” is blowing smoke inside, even if it is only clouds of water vapor. Sorry, but I think I would have more respect for someone who is trying to quit smoking if they used a nicotine patch instead of smoking the E-cig. At least the nicotine patch is discreet, non-invasive in the public sphere, and won’t confuse others and make them think you’re an asshole for “smoking” inside.

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  13. It is interested watching this industry grow up though. There is already a huge demand for ecigs and it is barely in its infancy. It will be interesting to see what happens when the various governments lay down the various laws on the subject. It will kill of a lot of the smaller brands looking to make a quick buck where as some of the largers brands like Neat Cigs and <Ecig Wizard will be able to cope and become an authority in the market.

  14. I’m pretty certain that 90% of these comments are from non-smoking pieces of trash with no more to do than post here. I was looking for cheap E-Cig prices online because even if you never stop smoking those you’re eliminating tar and a plethora of carcinogenic chemicals. The only reason I say this is because I realized hey I have a Facebook, and can post easily. If you want to take the time to reply I will never comment back so go ahead. I know for a fact that if I don’t quit from this it is absolutely less intrusive than normal cigarettes. Even if I go outside to smoke a normal cig I will still come back reeking of smoke but not with these. And if I smoke directly beside you it’s less intrusive than walking up smelling like a normal cigarette. Get off your high horses about whoever this is in the commercial and feeling superior and realize this is a step in the right direction. I honestly don’t know where any of you get off feeling so falsely self-entitled but please go die.

  15. manooshi, the patch is a damn joke …… vapor is vapor and not smoke its not the same thing or the same difference. I dont want to stop getting my nicotine but i did want to stop smoking and filling my body and lunges with carcinogens and the chemicals that are added to analog cigarettes. i am dong that and I am gonna Vap it up…. its not about cool but it is about my right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness…..

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