You might be aware that Anderson Cooper is currently embroiled in a feud with Star Jones, after the former The View co-host and current scary-I-don’t-know-what said that Anderson Cooper’s coming out was a publicity stunt. Bitch! Anderson responded recently on Anderson Live, saying “no it wasn’t?”, but IS THAT ENOUGH? NONONONONONONO! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Anderson Cooper has no plans to bury the hatchet with Star Jones — especially on live television.

The host of Anderson Live, who moonlights as a CNN anchor, reveals on Wednesday’s episode of the syndicated daytime talk show that NBC’s Today attempted to bring him together with Jones, whom he slammed on the air last week for saying he came out to boost ratings.

“Don’t get me in a war with Star Jones now,” he says. “I said my peace on Star Jones, I am not one to have a feud. She tweeted back something. I said my peace and then she tweeted me and I’m not responding. Actually, the Today show tried to book me to go on with Star Jones so we could tussle. I was like I’ve got nothing more to say, nor do I want to be in a room with her. I’m done.”

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I get it — you don’t want to prolong a nonsense feud based on a shitty comment about your personal life with a scary bitchy nobody, but, ahhhhh, I don’t know…Maybe shouldn’t you just go on the TV show and hash it out? I’m POSITIVE that Star Jones is 100% willing to go on that TV show and hash it out, so what’s YOUR deal, dude? Please vote in our poll about whether or not YOU think Anderson Cooper should go on a TV show and talk about this stupid nonsense more and more forever and ever.

Should Anderson Cooper Go On The TV Show And Fight About The Shitty Thing Someone Said About His Personal Life So We Can All Watch A Clip Of It Online Later That Day?

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Thanks for voting! Will fax the results to Anderson at the end of the day.

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  1. No, but I would like to see Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff finally settle the issue of who owns Aaron Carter/Chad Michael Murray.

  2. Man, Anderson Cooper has shit to do. There is no need to try and make him go on a garbage show to talk to a jerk about how she was a jerk and whether she was justified in being a jerk and whether the topic of her jerkitude was any of her jerk business in the first place. Why won’t we just let A-Coop be great?

  3. I voted yes because I thought we were all going to be “in on the joke” with Kelly and act like getting in junk nonsense wars with horrible fake monster people was a good idea. WHY IS EVERYONE VOTING FORREALLIFE?

    He’ll never agree to fight her in a cage death match while being electrocuted by chain mail with that attitude.

  4. PS, Kelly I was busy giving thanks yesterday and was late to the Blaine post, but you and I have the exact same hair type! Allow me to impart some wisdom: don’t wash it with shampoo more than once a week. Wash with conditioner; it has cleansing properties as well so will keep your hair tidy wihtout drying it out. This was the best thing anyone ever taught me. You’ll have the most beautiful hair in the New York metropolitain area. Aaron Paul won’t be able to keep his hands off of you!

  5. He shouldn’t, because going on a show that will treat Jones and Cooper as if they both have equal points of view that merit respectful consideration is gross. Star Jones is an asshole and what she said is bigoted, hands down. But the Today gang will treat her as if she just might have a legit point. They won’t call her out for being the worst. No one needs to watch (or participate in) that. Any more than, say, Obama should go on Fox with Trump to clarify his citizenship status.

  6. he should take the rest of the world’s cue and just go on ignoring Star Jones.

  7. Star Jones calling Anderson Cooper’s coming out a publicity stunt is a publicity stunt. Gauntlet’s done been dropped, y’all…

  8. Yes. These two should fight. Anytime people get in a twitter war it’s serious enough to have an organized and official duel.

  9. Ok can someone clarify this for me: didn’t Anderson Cooper come out like, a million years ago already? I definitely remember knowing that he is gay like 5 years ago.

  10. “I said my peace on Star Jones.” Don’t make us go to wore. Eye sea what you guys are trying to due.

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