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  1. I asked Krispy if he would first Chet Haze when this was happening, but he didn’t answer. When will he break his legendary silence on this matter???

  2. I think this kid is a Kaufman-esque genius. He’s created this great, nuanced persona that he seemingly lives in all the time.

    • I was trying to explain Krispy Kreme to one of my friends a while back and told her that if his persona is not real, he is one of the most brilliant comedians of our time.

      • The more material he puts out there, I REALLY want to believe that’s the case. I’m genuninely interested in what he’s going to do next, and I’m not sure why. He even managed to pull off his appearance on Tosh.0. Stayed in character.

  3. Another example that Krispy’s gone Hollywood. The Krispy I remember would never run. No he’d never run. No he’d neve-er ever run. And he didn’t carry no gun.

  4. Can someone gif the moment after he says, “No, but I could kiss you on the lips?” That facial expression is the perfect facial expression.

  5. “Still got it” – Interrupting Kanye Speech Joke

  6. “I probably don’t want to fight him ’cause he seems crazy.”

    Krispy Kreme, always the best.

  7. Better question: who WOULDN’T they fight?

  8. I thought he introduced himself as “the kreme.” He didn’t, but he could have. He’s earned it.

  9. this is one of the few occasions where someone explaining their own joke comes in handy.

    “because that’s what he says in his song.” … i had no idea.

  10. I was buying my (legal) weed at my usual store, and there was TOTALLY a Krispy Kreme video playing over the sound system. NO, I WASN’T HIGH. But I believe in Krispy Kreme world domination, and I believe that it begins in our country’s dispensaries.

  11. This isn’t Friday…. You don’t get to tell me who to follow today! I AM MY OWN MAN SIX OUT OF SEVEN DAYS OF THE WEEK, GODDAMNIT

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