Hey, has anybody checked in on Bam Margera lately to see if he is still the worst, or if maybe he’s not the worst anymore? Just curious! Oh, he Tweeted a picture of himself holding a gun to a puppy’s head? Got it. Thanks.

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  1. Just checked and he’s still the worst.

  2. Poop’s is not POSSESSIVE in this instance, Bam!

  3. You know, just because you have a gun, that does not mean you need to take pictures of yourself threatening everything within a mile radius with it. I know the compulsion is strong, I get it. But lets just breathe, and relax. We can overcome this, Bam Margera. We can overcome this together.

    (Also Noooooooooo leave the puppy and kitty alone nooooooooooooo they need pets not guns unless you are arming them for self defense because they might need it but also the lack of opposable thumbs might make gun use prohibitively difficult so nevermind)

  4. Big whoop. Steve Martin used to iron kitty cats.

  5. For clarification the gun is fake. Bam is still the worst though.

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