Some days you gotta get started with a video of a bunch of different babies tasting a bunch of different lemons. I don’t make the rules! I do not make the rules. I just play by them, and I play by them gladly. LEMON OUT! (Ugh) (I’m sorry!) (Via TastefullyO.)

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  1. These babies are doing it all wrong. You’re supposed to make lemonade when given lemons.

  2. The first time I gave my baby a lemon, his reaction was one of total indifference. I think that was the first time I knew he would be a disappointment all of his life.

  3. I had no idea babies were so concerned about the dangers of scurvy

    • Babies are VERY concerned about scurvy. When I worked at a preschool, scurvy was my go-to to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies. Also osteoperosis for milk, and I told one kid he would get melanoma if he didn’t finish his rice.

      • I can’t understand why you don’t work there anymore.

        • It’s not as villanous as it sounds. It was a fun little game we’d play where one kid would say “Miss Fatima, I don’t want to eat my pineapple!” and then everyone would get really quiet and giggly and I’d say “Well if you don’t eat your pineapple you’ll get halitosis!” and they’d be like “OH NO, HAMESOMIS!!!!” and everyone would eat their pineapple as quickly as possible.

      • “I’m sorry you have cancer, but it’s probably because you didn’t eat enough rice.” – That kid to somebody with cancer, someday.

    • Kids-are-hilarious story time: I worked with a program that taught elementary schoolkids about design and architecture/structures, and every year we had a big group design project. The year Titanic came out, our project was a cruise ship for kids, and one group of girls designed an aquarium for the ship. They were explaining their model to me and how the sharks go here, and the turtles go here, and I asked what the little shack at the bottom was. They told me it was the citrus warehouse so no one would get scurvy while at sea.

      Scurvy: hot-button issue for the young people.

  4. I’m sorry (not sorry), but as cute as babies are, dogs eating lemons is so much better. Because while babies’ reactions are cute, scrunched-up “ugh” faces, dogs’ reactions are “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING IN MY MOUTH BARK BARK KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT.” Which is the appropriate response.

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