They don’t teach this kind of thing in Selling Your Product On QVC school. Either you’re born with the ability to continue selling whatever it even is that you’ve brought on TV to sell even after your co-host faints in what seems like a kind of serious and definitely scary way (though she says she is feeling better today), or you’re not. That’s just the way it is. Some folks have it and some folks don’t. Do you have it? Are you up to the task of just straight up ignoring the fact that the person next to you needs medical attention, even though everyone who is watching you is also aware that that person is in need of medical attention an are all probably concerned about it and have already stopped listening to you sell your product for children or whatever, who even knows? CAN YOU BE THE NEXT THIS GUY?

It’s just nice to watch a master at work. (Via Mediaite.)

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  1. Smelling salts are for closers.

  2. She’s fainting because she can’t believe kids have android tablets and the only tablets in her day were made of stone

  3. Do you guys remember this:
    when David Buckner passed out on Glenn Beck? Because I had temporarily forgotten about it and this video reminded me of it and now it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen again!
    I’m passing out.

  4. I know if I were ever to get a job selling garbage on television, I would have a fake cyanide filled tooth installed so I could just bite it open and end it quickly if things ever went too far.

  5. It almost looks like she begins choking on invisible food. Is she OK? I hope she’s OK. #QVCHostVigil2012

  6. One time I went to the musee d’orsay with some friends and i passed out on the steps outside (to this day i dont know why). when i came to a crowd had gathered.
    I told my friends to go see the art while i recuperated in a nearby cafe. they let me use the bathroom after I promised to buy something. the toilet stalls in the bathroom there were the kind that are like little rooms and the light would turn off every 2 minutes or so. I weakly pressed the button whenever the light went out, feeling like Desmond in the hatch.
    I passed out again on the toilet and came to in total darkness, half convinced I was dead. Then someone tried to open the stall door and realized i was not.
    I went back to the cafe and ordered vegetable soup and tea and the waiter brought me some acetaminophen and a bottle of water as well. They were very nice, but clearly didn’t want someone dying in their cafe.
    I tipped generously, left, and then bought some new boots because it was rainy and I felt I deserved it.

  7. ANOTHER STORY (sorry. is this obnoxious?):
    There was this kid in my elementary school named Cordello and he fainted during our 4th grade choir concert because he locked his knees. Later, he tried to reinvent himself as a hardass thug-type character but nobody took him seriously because we all remembered the time he fainted. Also the time he cried when he struck out at tee ball.

  8. First prize is a tablet for kids.
    Second prize, a set of steak knives.
    Third prize is you lose consciousness before an indifferent world.

  9. For the first 12 seconds, I could not believe there would be a segment called “Hot Dick!”.

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