Sometimes it feels like the world is a desolate, insignificant spec of dust in a cold, endless, and indifferent universe and that everyone is completely alone in this abandoned wasteland, doomed to a difficult and painful existence with no discernible purpose that ends in a wretched and violent death that exposes the true meaninglessness of our existence and stands as a lesson to those that we love that they will suffer the same fate. And maybe that’s why we have Facebook. And fucking chairs. (Thanks for the tip, Kelly.)

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  1. and in a city where almost 40% of households don’t have internet, i’m glad facebook chose new orleans as one of the places to shoot this numbnuttery.

  2. You know what else is like a chair using the same analogy? MySpace.

    You know what else? Adult Alf Fanfic forums.

    You know where this is going. Shut up Facebook.

  3. Wow, big year for empty chairs. And I think we have Facebook so we can gradually dislike everyone we’ve ever met. One prompted-Samsung-ad-because-Drew-from-that-group-project-in-college-”liked”-it at a time.

  4. Facebook is a stupid website that ultimately amounts to little more than inane statuses about how wasted someone got last night. And yet somewhere between The Social Network and Mark Zuckerberg fucking winning Person of the Year from Time Magazine (UGH), this idea that Facebook is The Most Important Technological Tool of Our Generation emerged and I hate it so much it is a juvenile website that is largely used for juvenile things.

    And I’m done ranting. But fuck that website and its pretentious piece of shit founder.

    • a few months ago i was listening to NPR, and they interviewed an activist who was heavily involved in the egyptian revolution that overthrew mubarak. and the journalist asked the activist about facebook, because the west has this idea that facebook was hugely influential in galvanizing people to participate in the occupation of tahrir square. and the activist said something along the lines of, well, what would happen is that someone would read the local newspapers and post events on facebook, and then foreign journalists would find the events because it was the main way that they were reaching out to the community, and then the journalists would all mob whatever activity they all had found on facebook, and thus the news they would report back to the west was derived from that sort of cyclical activity. and it’s why a lot of things in the revolution were just not covered by western media, because they were only paying attention to facebook and thus directly involved in creating news, basically.

      • The “But it started a revolution in the Middle East” is always some asshole’s matter of fact response to me whenever this subject comes up. And I always knew there was no way this stupid website was THE CORNERSTONE TO A REVOLUTION but couldn’t really make an argument without any facts to back myself up so thank you for providing me with proof that that response is more or less bullshit.

    • i largely agree, but remain an active user in that i use it as a meta-commentary of itself by checking in at fictional events and just basically making things up. it’s like a create-your-own-adventure website.

    • I used to completely swear off Apple and its products because I could never get behind a company run by a pompous asshole. Then I realized that I was on Facebook practically everyday, and promptly shut my whore mouth.

      • But the thing about Steve Jobs is, while he was definitely a giant asshole, he was actually a genius who contributed a lot of geniunely useful and influential products to our society. Mark Zuckerberg has contributed a glorified MySpace to our society and people act like that shit is the greatest invention since the telephone or something and that is probably the core of why I hate Facebook so much.

  5. The only thing they need to advertise is that Facebook lets you be snarky, and also lets you send fake eggs to your grandchildren. That’s pretty much what people do with it anyway.

  6. we are all now connected in bafflement.

  7. Also who the FUCK is this for? Who isn’t using Facebook and sees this commercial and is like, “Wow, I never thought I was so connected with everyone on this planet I feel so special now. I am going to get a Facebook so I can feel more connected with my fellow humans” And if you will excuse me now I have to go throw up after typing that sentence.

  8. It’s got to a point where I can’t watch sincere videos anymore. I just wanted this to turn snarky at the end. I think my life has become one, run-on snarky comment.

    • i dunno if i think this video is sincere. it’s manipulative and gauche, and uses stock images to pander for emotional responses that are way larger than the concepts they’re hamfistedly trying to push. so in a way, it is a pretty cynical video. it’s basically like, “these rubes are just going to eat this beautiful shit up and lick the plate clean. look at these happy black kids! playin on a chair cuz maybe that’s all they’ve got!” fucking gross.

      • but does facebook really think we’re rubes? I guess I would just hope that there aren’t people that were emotionally moved by this. But there probably are. I wonder what it’s like to see the world through those eyes.

        • if they didn’t think it was going to emotionally move the audience / serve an important branding purpose, why else would they make it and plaster it all over their network?

  9. Pfft, no one uses Facebook anymore. These days it’s all about HÄRNÖSAND.SE

  10. This ad functions more as an advertisement for the internet, than Facebook. And in that respect, I really enjoyed it. But then again, I’ve liked all of Alejandro Gonzalez-Inarritu’s work that I’ve seen.

  11. I like facebook to see which one of my friends got engaged and wants to show off their blood diamonds! Oh and then 2 years later… their children.

  12. Does facebook even need a commercial?

  13. Did Facebook have to pay you $7.00 to promote this commercial?

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