30 Rock is back! 30 Rock is back! 30 Rock is back for its final season! And we’re all reminded once more than Liz Lemon gets to take the entire summer off of work, and I don’t know, with that in mind, what she ever has to complain about. It was mostly a good episode, I thought! Hazel’s great, and the Hazel/Tracy Jordan plot line was enjoyable. I hated when Jenna destroyed Liz’s apartment because it gave me a lot of anxiety. The new Jack TV shows were fine, pretty funny — his and Liz’s plot lines were kind of underwhelming, but not bad. I think, overall, it set up the rest of the season pretty well! COOL! Up All Night was enjoyable to have on while you tidy up the living room, as it always is. The Office was good — I’m actually really enjoying this whole season. There are stakes again, it seems! Real ones! I don’t even care if you guys agree with me. (Just kidding. PLEASE AGREE!) I’m just happy that, finally, I can mostly enjoy The Office again. Someone send out an AP Alert about it plz. Parks and Recreation is always a nice, very good show that I enjoy watching. With that said, last night’s episode wasn’t one of my favorites, EVEN THOUGH it had Jon Glaser, who is the best. I almost wish Ben and April would just come back already because who even cares about them being in D.C. I like when they interact, but not as much as I like when they interact with everyone. GIVE ME JUST WHAT I LIKE TV IS ABOUT ME! Hope we get to see them take an airplane next week, though! What did you guys think? Huh? Tell me! Tell each other!

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  1. Andy playing Princess with the little girls was clearly the highlight of the night.

  2. I was just saying to Bob, the IT guy how The Office is killing it. Glad to see Kelly agrees.

  3. I’m not caring for this season of The Office as much as I cared for Season 7 (which I still argue was damn good), but I’m digging Parks & Rec still. Tom’s “I do not like this.” at the end was a highlight for me

  4. Also, not Thursday, but this week’s New Girl? A++++. Episodes where Nick Miller gets his chance to shine are always the best. (See also: Fancyman pt. 1.)

    “Are you sure you’re spelling it right? Two Gs, silent B.”

    “Sure, I’m not doing anything. But don’t let me lay eyes on the Malm collection. I can’t afford it, I’m a sucker for it every time.”

    “I love this stuff. It’s like high-stakes LEGOs.”

    I really think New Girl is the funniest show on television, even if it’s not the best.

  5. This was seriously the best 30 Rock episode in years. The writers were on fire with the jokes!

  6. I didn’t watch any of these last night, but what I did do was start season one of Sons of Anarchy. My friend and I had been looking for a show to get into that neither of us had seen before, and we ended up with SoA on netflix. We watched the first two episodes and I have to say, I enjoyed it! My attitude toward the show was always “I’m sure it’s fine but I don’t really think I need to see it” but now I’m happy I did.

    What do you guys think? Is it worth watching? Did i just throw away the next few months of my life?

    • Everyone tells me to watch it and I think I am going to start. I saw the first 2 episodes and it was great. Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal are never not perfect and that guy with the swagger is beautiful. Word on the street is it’s an excellent show.

  7. UGH I FORGOT ABOUT 30 ROCK AND MY DVR DIDN’T RECORD IT!!! Thank God for Hulu I suppose.

    Also, I kind of super hated The Office? At least all that stuff about the slave ownership and yuck yuck yuck ugh. I actually liked the Nelly/Pam stuff and the new guys clapping for everything Andy did. Oh, and the cold open. But the rest of it, nope.

    Parks and Rec was fun. Not my favorite of the season so far either, but it is always just really good. Andy playing princess, Leslie’s perm (which didn’t even serve a purpose other than “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if Amy had to have half a perm for the entire episode?” but that is okay) and perhaps the thing that made me smile the most: Ben’s Star Trek:TNG fanfic. Can we please acknowledge that that is the best?

    • Oh and I really liked Erin learning Dothraki. So basically I liked everything EXCEPT the A-plot on the Office.

      • I think Erin is my favorite part of the modern The Office.

        • Absolutely agree. It’s kind of a shame she came on right as the writing was going downhill, but she is consistently a delight. I loved her stuff about talking to Michelle Obama at Bernard family functions, “What are your views on politics? What wars should we do?”

          • And it’s The Office’s last season! We should decide on what Ellie Kemper should do next. I’m sure she would appreciate it.

            Movies? Up All night? Gilmore Girls 2? Judge on The American Factor?

    • The episode of the Office which not-so-subtly suggested that Clark Duke was intending on date raping Erin or whatever was the worst Office episode in a long time. Who wrote that subplot and said “Yep. Yep. Good. Put it on TV, get a new shelf for all the Emmys it’ll net us.”

      • Yeah, that was really….weird and uncomfortable. And honestly why wouldn’t New Jim just say something to Andy? Like, seriously, there was NO reason for him not to. He had no loyalty to Clark Duke; he straight up says he doesn’t like him. Don’t get it.

    • Ben’s Star Trek fanfic, Lucy Lawless (because Xena: Warrior Princess is basically the perfect woman for Ron Swanson), Tom’s line about taking the easy way out because it’s easy, everything Andy ever says or does, Donna discussing 50 Shades (though that’s a little stale at this point), and the perm, THE PERM! I just think it’s all The Best.

    • Speaking of Hulu, I’m not the only one that gets a little choked up every time they promote P&R’s regular time slot on NBC with that clip of Leslie voting for herself, right?

  8. Gregory Cala  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2012 +5

    I’m not really enjoying The Office so far. Jim and Dwight are, and always will be, enjoyable to me (I thought their intro last night was their best in years), but it’s too sloppy as a whole. Andy’s reminding me of the villain from a movie who rises to power, oppresses everyone, and turns the civilization to shit. The only example I can think of right now is Scar from Lion King, but there has to be more. It seems like an uprising, or perhaps a full on desertion, is coming. That would’ve been a great idea in season 3 or 4. But now? With Andy at the helm? I don’t know. It’s also frustrating to see what the writers are doing with him and Erin. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way, but they spent so much effort the past 4 seasons forcing people to actually care about that relationship, and as soon as I start to get on board with it, they completely change what’s going on. It’s like a bratty child saying he wants pizza, but once he gets pizza, he now wants ice cream.

    • Yes, I am so confused by the Andy/Erin relationship. That was last season’s BIG, cathartic moment: Andy driving down to Florida to get her, Andy breaking up with nameless brunette in the middle of a bridal shower, etc. And now they want us to root for Erin/New Jim? Slow down writers! I don’t know what to think!

  9. I also think it was a mistake to send Ben to Washington D.C. I feel like one of the strengths of Parks and Rec is the ability to write freely and not worry about giving every character enough lines/screentime every episode. The cast seems to understand that even if they don’t have much to do in one episode they will probably be the center of the next and that trust in the writing has helped the show immensely.

    But by sending Ben to DC as well as Leslie to the city council they have trifurcated the characters and written themselves into an unfortunate corner.

    Now for each episode they have to come up with three funny stories; one for Councilwoman Knope, one fore the Parks dept, and one for Ben and April in DC. And on top of that they have limited meaningful character interactions and reactions. e.g. Might April have had a funny reaction shot (or quip) to Chris’ therapy confession?

    I think that by separating everyone out they’ve committed themselves to spending time checking in at each location that usually they could spend on just one zany story and the funniest lines and actions each character could bring to the plot. Instead we get three semi-rushed storylines featuring only the setting’s local characters. And it seems that the “funniness” has suffered a little as a result.

    • (it’s setting it up so Ben and April get drunk one night and kiss and the consequences of that will be the main throughline for the season and we’re all going to feel terrrrrrriiibbbbblllllle)

      • I was thinking this might happen last night when they were sitting in the car towards the end of the episode. I hope it doesn’t happen, but also I kind of hope that it does? Like it would be really interesting, especially since I have always seen April/Andy as the “steady couple” in the show who will stay together and it won’t really ever be questioned, and whereas Leslie and Ben they have already hinted at there being a strain on their relationship due to distance.

      • I almost downvoted this, not because of you but because of how awful that storyline would make me feel!

  10. “Tanking It” thanks to Jack I now have a catchphrase for what I’m currently doing to my life.

  11. I always like a good Bund joke.

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