It was over a year ago that we were first introduced to our “Inspirational Bike Kid.” He continues to be perfect and a bright, beaming source of inspiration, but sometimes — especially in these hard times — you need a little something extra. And that’s where this other Inspirational Bike Kid comes in! Let his words help you in any situation where you might need an extra kick — like when you’re going to the grocery store, or to a social situation where you aren’t really going to know anyone, or to a new laundromat where you aren’t really sure what the deal is. “I knew that I could do it, just the same that those guys do it,” say to yourself. You can do it. Even if your dad goes first when he definitely should have gone second. (Thanks for the tip, Paul!)

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  1. I don’t think we should be encouraging all of this bike riding. It will only lead to an even more congested traffic system.

  2. My taint hurts from watching this.

  3. He is perfect.

  4. This is nerve wracking, maternally speaking.

    • I have no maternal instinct and, yet, my hands were sweating the whole time. And I just ground down all of my teeth from stress. I no longer have teeth because of this kid. I hope this kid sends me his teeth. It is the least he can do.

  5. psssh, whatever, kid picks a shitty line*

    *just kidding, i had the biggest grin for the whole 9 minutes and now my face hurts from too much smiling. That little guy is awesome and fearless and fearless.

  6. Nice shorts on that dad

  7. Why wasn’t Premium Rush this?

  8. Not even gonna attempt to joke, the kid sounds like he’s having fun.

  9. Anyone else ducked when they went under that little bridge? :)

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