• Dave Hill is the most recent participant in Vulture’s ongoing “Pop Culture Memory Lane” video series, and in the video he talks about a gross thing that is very gross and I think you are going to enjoy it. -Vulture
  • FEUD ALERT: Star Jones said Anderson Cooper came out earlier this year for ratings, though he wasn’t filming his show at that point, and Anderson Cooper took offense for some reason?! Who’s side are you on??? -Dlisted
  • Nick Offerman has an interview in the Believer, which you can read online, and it is often sweet. Do recommend. -TheBeliever
  • Pamela Adlon, from Californication and Louis, etc., is going to have a storyline on Parenthood! Oh! Did everyone watch it on Tuesday? Wasn’t it great? Wasn’t it so sad and great? ?! Tell me what you thought. -TVLine
  • The upcoming Netflix series House of Cards is going to be premiering on Netflix all at once, on February 1st. Isn’t that weird? I am including that in this list because I think it is kind of weird. -NewYorkTimes
  • James Franco is directing shoe commercials, no duh. -EW
  • Did you guys see the new Lincoln trailer when it aired after last night’s debate? I didn’t! I did see it online today, though. Looks kind of boring unfortunately! -FilmDrunk
  • Oooh, it’s James Bond’s 50th anniversary! Happy anniversary, James Bond! Remember when Doug Hutchinson said he was James Bond for no reason during Couple’s Therapy? What a fitting tribute! -TheWeek
  • In closing, this is a picture of the cast of Arrested Development. -HyperVocal
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  1. I want to do a giant oil painting of that Bluth family portrait and hang it over my fireplace. It’s 100% perfect. The only way it could be better is if their faces were animal faces, which I can do if I’m painting it.

  2. Parenthood has a hold on me this season. I’m so glad the dad made the mom do the thing at the earlier time (no spoiler). He had a very good point. Her decisions affect him too.

  3. You guys, MY POWER IS OUT. EVERYONE’S POWER IS OUT. NBC’S THE REVOLUTION IS REAL. I am on a quest to get espresso and I’m really scared. My cell battery is getting low. Remember meeeeeeeeee.

  4. I’m excited for House of Cards! The original show is pretty crazy and I think Kevin Spacey could be a good American version of Urquhart. Plus Kate Mara is pretty (blahblah).

  5. Yes, the story of how one of our nation’s greatest leaders had the dire choice of preserving the union or ending slavery sounds like a total snoozer.

  6. That Nick Offerman interview is really good. I couldn’t put it down! (I think this will be my standard pitch when referring to things on the Internet. “Simply couldn’t put it down!”)

  7. Man they’re just mixing 17th and 18th century costume in that Arrested Development photo shoot, like time doesn’t even MEAN anything.

    • ahhh thank you I knew something was bothering me about that photo! it’s like the men are all cyrano de bergerac and the ladies are all dangerous liaisons.

  8. They’re missing uncle Oscar.

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