Oh, hello. Welcome to Mixed Emotions Town! On the one hand, I am so excited and touched to learn about TJ Elevator Fan. He seems like a pretty nice dude, and he loves elevators so much, and he has a dope website! This video is well made and emotionally powerful and stuff. I don’t hate the video. I do hate how much it focuses on this being at Hampton Inn and on the Hero Staff of the Hampton Inn, though! Like, you’re a big, dumb hotel company. Who cares? We are all supposed to come sleep on your bed bugs because one time TJ Elevator Fan gave you the thumbs up? Like I said: this is Mixed Emotions Town, population All Of Us. This video and the story behind the video is all over TJ Elevator Fan’s website. It was clearly a nice experience for him, and that’s all that really matters. So I guess never mind? But consider yourselves on Serious Probation, Hampton Inn. This is a warning. Next time you make a touching video exploiting a cool dude as a casual advertisement for your hotel chain of American heroes, we won’t be as nice about it! We will be almost as nice but a little less nice! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. “Hamptonality? Really?” – Jerry Seinfeld, always

  2. whatever, gabe. i don’t care if it pushes your buttons. it’s still an uplifting story that raises my spirits. quit trying to bring me down to your level.

  3. Wow, the poster for this is very misleading:

  4. Maybe I’m calloused, but I am legitimately confused right now. So, he really likes elevators? And he rides a bunch of different elevators? And Hampton Inn let him ride their elevators? And they filmed it and put it on the internet? And Gabe put that on Videogum and now I’m commenting on it?

    I dunno, the kid looked like he enjoyed being in the video, so that’s pretty cool, I guess.

  5. Those are good parents.

  6. I hope they get free hotel stays forever and that kid/family gets a TON of money for using their likeness. But this is honestly really pretty great.

  7. good for this dude.

  8. Just wait until this kid finds out about trains.

  9. At one point in this video there’s a Hampton employee who answers a phone, and I’m pretty sure he has knuckle tattoos with the letters “W H I…” The rest of that cannot be good for PR.

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