The Courtney Stodden season of Couple’s Therapy premiered last night. Did you watch??! If not, here is a collection of the gross and weird and sad and horrifying moments you missed!

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  1. So we had a debate about which candidate is more likely to save our country, while simultaneously proving that we don’t deserve to be saved?

  2. Doug decided that, “I’m raising my wife” was such a good line that he had to use it at least twice. I wonder how many times he will try it before concluding that it is not a good line.

  3. I saw them at the Arclight a few months ago and she was all dolled up and my friend asked me to draw what she looked like so I drew this. (I can’t draw)

  4. I read a story about the show in the Guardian earlier this week and was treated to the greatest sentence that has ever been written in the history of time.

    Blogger Nik Richie, who is on the show with his wife Shayne Lamas, winner of Season 12 of The Bachelor, accused Stodden of being a ‘fame whore.’


  5. Very serious side question: how can Dourtney afford a mansion? All that “Lost” money??

    • I think they’re in a mansion for the show. Like how everyone lives together in a mansion for the Bachelor or whatever. But also, they probably have a mansion in “rill” life becase that is how people like this live even if it means claiming bankruptcy every few years because you have a mortgage you can’t possibly afford and lucite heels don’t grow on trees…

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