These Wholphin guys had a hard time working up any tears for their crying contest, but we’re not like that, right? We can cry whenever we want! I’d be willing to bet that there’s never a situation, no matter how happy, during which we cannot cry. I’m crying right now, in fact! I almost never stop crying! Day and night, cry cry cry, not like these losers who can’t even cry at all. What, are your eyes broken? Where’s the water huh, guys? I’m crying! We’re all crying! WHY AREN’T YOU CRYING? (Via Gawker)

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  1. Who CAN’T cry on demand? Is it really that hard to think about poor Artax?

  2. Guy in top right needs to shave his mustache. The stache muscles connect directly to the tear ducts prohibiting guys with mustachse from crying. Simple science.

  3. I can’t cry on demand, but put me in a room with any of these chumps and I bet I can make THEM cry pretty quick.

  4. Quick, someone get them some Nickelback lyrics!

  5. I’m not crying

  6. What the heck is going on with everyone’s avatars!!!!

  7. Hahaha, hey! I’m the guy in the upper right corner! I’m on Videogum! This is the best day of my life!!!

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