NOM NOM NOM! Hahhaha. “It’s MItt Romney!” The first of three presidential debates airs tonight at 9PM EST.

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  1. raw footage of the crazy eyes parade

  2. “Ooh! I feel so ethnic!” — Mitt Romney

    • To be fair, his grandfather grew up there and his grandfather was born there.

      • There meaning Mexico, not a Chipotle. Though that would be an awesome origin story.

        • “My grandfather grew up in the shadow of the tub of carnitas and my grandmother was born under that odd wood and metal wall ornament. They met in school, where they were taught my a half-empty bottle of Jalapeno Tabasco sauce. My history starts here.” — Mitt Romney

        • His FATHER was born in Mexico. Jesus Christ with these corrections.

  3. He’s really pulling out all of the stops to up that percentage of the Latino vote. Good choice, Mitt.

  4. He went to Chipotle?! He’s got my vote

  5. Did he get lettuce on his burrito? Because if he did, I’m not voting for him. Lettuce has no place on a burrito!

  6. Burrito bowl? What an elitist prick.

  7. It’s a good thing I vote with my heart and not with my stomach, because I really love burritos. Someone tell me Barack likes extra guac so I don’t change my mind last minute.

  8. Y’know the scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, where Ace is in the bathtub scrubbing himself off after making out w/ Einhorn & subsequently finding out she’s a he? That’s what I imagine Romney did right after this.

    “47%-ers everywhere…touching me…::SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB::…”

  9. God, how can you not vote for a guy who is ballsy enough to eat at Chipotle the same day as a nationally-television debate? Anus of steel.

  10. GUUUYYYSSS, I got my absentee ballot today and as usual there are a million hilarious 3rd party candidates for president, but did you know that Roseanne Barr IS FORREALZ ON THE BALLOT?

  11. Watching him try to interact with normal people is so painfully awkward. Honestly, I just want to see him comfortable… like when shopping for a yacht or picking out ascots. Maybe he really chills out when he is laying people off and dismantling companies and selling them for parts. I know I have asked for more snack-based content before, but this is not what I intended. I am changing my request…

    I demand more yacht-based coverage!

  12. Did anyone see Anne? I”m worried about his mental condition without her.

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