One of the worst parts about injustice is how it makes you feel invisible. The hope/desire for something to be done about it is often less about punishment and more simply about recognition. Doesn’t anyone see what is happening? Am I a crazy person for thinking/feeling that this is not right? And so on and so forth. Of course, the world is made up of 80 percent water and 90 percent injustice. There is so much of it. And nothing is ever done and everyone is invisible. Oh well. Hahha. Oh well! But every once in awhile, justice is served, and boy that is just the best. For example: a 32 year old woman named Shena Hardin routinely DROVE ONTO THE SIDEWALK every morning instead of patiently waiting like everyone else for a SCHOOL BUS to PICK UP A DISABLED CHILD. So finally the bus driver made sure a police car was waiting for her in what is called a Sting Operation. Boom. Justice. And guess what else? Justice being served is so great that it doesn’t matter that I’ve just explained everything that is going to happen in the video you are about to watch, it is still totally enjoyable. You’ll see.

Gotham deserves a better class of Shena Hardin. (Via Hypervocal.)

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  1. You either die a hero or live long enough to become Shena Hardin.

  2. I used to have a bunch of brats in my neighborhood who had a basketball hoop on the corner, and would play in the middle of the street and take their sweet-ass time getting out of the way whenever a car wanted to get by. I say USED TO, because that basketball hoop was just on a corner rather than being in anybody’s yard, so when I decided I’d had enough waiting for those brats to get out of the way, I put an ad on Craigslist for a free basketball hoop for anybody who wanted to come haul it away from the street corner where I left it. Problem solved.

    Basically, this video is the opposite of that.

  3. Seeing this sort of thing always makes me more Lawful Neutral than before (for non-nerds, that means being emotionally fulfilled when rule-breakers get their just desserts, regardless of long-term consequences or extenuating circumstances).

  4. I’m trying to think what is better – if the cop gives her a ticket, or if he just says, ‘You’re an awful person’ and punches her in the face. Both seem appropriate.

  5. I just started watching “Breaking Bad” and obviously the main characters are violent criminals whose misdeeds are very detrimental to their community (as of the end of season 1). But they are very sympathetic characters and I want to see them succeed. The show does a great job of showing of showing the awfulness of their crimes and their essential humanity.

    I bring this up as a direct contrast to this video. The woman in this video is a monster who should go to jail forever, and I have no interest in the life challenges that brought her to this place.

  6. Today is such a crummy day, but seeing a jerk brought to justice is like a ray of sunshine!

    • I read the post wrong, so I assumed she constantly parked on the sidewalk. Watching her do that filled me with ire, but I am so very glad the universe has given us proof that people can band together to put crummy people in their place. Also, she’s driving pretty fast for sidewalk driving. What if someone came out the front door of one of those buildings at the same time? I hope they take away her license.

  7. But why not?

  8. Did everyone go home early to prepare for their presidential debate viewing parties? The comments are just as much fun as the posts here! I miss you all!

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  10. I’m glad you found your way.

    First off, it’s illegal to drive past a school bus that has it’s stop sign out. It’s for the safety of the CHILDREN getting on or off the bus. In this case they were physically and/or mentally disabled children. This would have been evident to anyone seeing the bus as buses for these children are different.

    Second, as you mentioned she clearly could have taken a different route. This person is a repeat offender. Just take a different street.

    Finally, I hate people who think only their time is important and they shouldn’t ever have to wait a minute or five for someone else. How about use that time to be thankful that you have your health and the ability to drive yourself wherever you need to go instead of having to rely on others to drive you around in the “short bus.” I hope that officer took an hour to write her a ticket.

    • Exactly. Here’s a little driver’s ethics test for you:

      You are going to take an exit off of the highway. The only problem is that this exit routinely “backs up” – there is a line of cars in the right lane waiting for the same ramp you want. You take this exit every day and you know it’s going to happen.

      Do you:

      a) Get in the right lane and wait your turn.

      b) Zoom past the line in the middle lane and force your way in at the last second, thereby making the line even slower for everyone who was there before you. (Also, you’ll be fucking up the traffic in the middle lane when you do this.)

      Shena Hardin picks B, every day. The world sucks because of people like her.

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