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  1. I genuinely do not know what the Videogum official stance on Seinfeld is.

    • the past 3 or 4 years, he’s one of those people you really wish you could revoke their Lifetime Pass. but, still it must stand.

      • ps. i wonder how Julia Louise-Dreyfus feels about their being animated gif of her with 2 penises being waved in her face. one that is a fairly easy one to find in a simple google search of “Seinfeld gif”

        • I searched that! It was skillfully done, so I don’t think she’d mind. Plus, those penises were ejaculating (into her mouth, very efficiently) so it’s not as though the penises were just waving about, mocking her, you know. Frankly, if someone did that to me I’d be flattered. Good on you, disturbed yet creative perverts.

  2. This should be classified as some sort of antisemitism. On the UWS of Manhattan it’s like as common as pavement. I heard it all day long.

  3. When you get old and have too much time on your hands, you’ll write letters to the editor, too.

  4. Without the liberal use of really I never would have been able to push my grade school book reports to their required word counts.

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