Videogum Monster Chris Trash just emailed us the new Krispy Kreme video with the subject line: “Krispy Kreme is over.” At first I was worried that it was going to be a video of Krispy Kreme explaining that it was over. Oh no! Stay with us, Krispy Kreme! But that is not what the video is. What the video is is a new song called “Me and Daniel Tosh.” Uh oh! Stay with us, Krispy Kreme! It’s pretty straight forward because this was clearly a bit of a rush job. There are no fake guns, no rapping on a burned out basketball court behind the rusty barn, no Money Maker Mike even. It’s just Krispy Kreme in the dining room from Gummo, rapping about how Daniel Tosh called him up and invited him to LA and now they are best friends. In typical Krispy Kreme fashion, the song itself is great. There is no denying that this is another great song from the King of The Raps. But considering how Daniel Tosh is the worst, it is at the very least a little bit disconcerting. Watch the video and then we will talk:

See? Great song. But also: Daniel Tosh. I don’t know! Everybody has to put food on their families, even the King of The Raps. ESPECIALLY the King of The Raps. Besides, millions upon millions of people like Daniel Tosh. Your mom probably likes Daniel Tosh. Who are we to judge Krispy Kreme for liking Daniel Tosh? Who are we to even say that is the case? Maybe he hates Daniel Tosh but simply sees an opportunity. That’s entirely likely. Don’t hate the player, hate the Daniel Tosh. It’s not every day you get a phone call from a television personality inviting you to come to TV. That would be very exciting for a young up and coming hip hop artist. On the other hand, you would like to imagine a world in which the Krispy Kreme rises to the krispy top on his own merits, without the help of a crude and thoughtless comedian whose show is based on mockery and humiliation. He should be rapping on Jay Leno and doing panel on Charlie Rose. You can’t do a Web Redemption for someone who is already perfect. So?

Does Krispy Kreme Rapping About Daniel Tosh Mean That Krispy Kreme Is Krispy Over?

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You may or may not be krazy for this one, Krispy!

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  1. Oh! I get it! Like the donut.

  2. Krispy Kreme has become self-aware. That either means he’s over, or else he’s Skynet.

  3. This makes me unhappy x 2.
    1. Daniel Tosh
    2. I can’t think of a glazed donut without thinking of bagel heads now

  4. This is like when someone you admire (MIKE FROM MST3K :( ( ) has political views you don’t necessarily agree with, but ultimately you love him/her anyways because the world is a terrifying and crazy place and we’re all really just trying to make it from day to day.

  5. Maybe Daniel Tosh misread ‘King of Raps’.

  6. It would be more disconcerting if he wasn’t making fun of Daniel Tosh at least a little bit. I mean, he’s making a song about how Daniel Tosh is his best friend where Krispy is the cool guy and Daniel Tosh is the dork,

  7. My mother most assuredly would not like Daniel Tosh. “Why does he show such terrible videos?! *gasp* That’s terrible!” she would say.

  8. I just saw Jay-Z the other night at the new Barclays center in Brooklyn and he said “Yo, Krispy Kreme for ever ya’ll” so that means they are definitely not over but probably going through their Blueprint 3 phase.

  9. On the last episode of Tosh.0, he tried to make a joke about rap, and someone shouted at him that rap is never funny, so he encouraged all of the audience members to rap at her.

  10. Kirspy Kreme went from being The Baddest to The Worst.

  11. I find it very easy to imagine that Krispy Kreme does not keep up with the ongoing coverage of Daniel Tosh’s exploits as reported on sites like Videogum, Jezebel, and Huffington Post; therefore Krispy Kreme may not exactly be hip to all the latest Daniel Tosh developments. I find it very easy to imagine that Krispy Kreme’s entire understanding of Daniel Tosh consists of “famous guy who says funny things on TV.”

    That being said, I don’t think Krispy Kreme is ready to break out solo yet. This video needs more Moneymaker Mike.

  12. Ginger kid is so pissed right now.

  13. I’ve told this story before and you’re all probably sick to death of hearing it, but I love it sooooo much, so…

    I dated a guy who was not the brightest banana in the toolshed, and he was a rapper and made a shirt that was meant to say “I’d rather be rapping” and wore it around ALL DAY before coming over to my house and complaining that all these bitches were giving him dirty looks because they hate rap BUT REALLY it said “I’d rather be raping” because he couldn’t spell. Please everyone go to school and stay in school until you know how to spell because literacy is very, very important.

  14. And finally, you know you’ve just validated Steve Winwood’s existence by acknowledging that Gummo exists and is a movie, right?

  15. I hate Krispy Kreme’s shoes.

    On another note, how is what Daniel Tosh does on his show significantly different from what Videogum does, Gabe? You say Tosh’s show is “based on mockery and humiliation” (which is true), but you are MOST CERTAINLY mocking this Krispy Kreme person. Your website hits are made on featuring and mocking these unbelievable people doing unbelievably dumb things on the internet, right? Isn’t that basically the same thing that Tosh does?

    Not trying to be super-critical or anything. I love your writing style and whatnot. But it seems that you’re taking Tosh to task for doing what you’re doing, albeit with a large television audience and wider name recognition.

    BTW I don’t like Tosh at all, not even a little bit. Still, let’s be honest about what’s going on here.

    • I am not going to argue with you, but I would like to point out that, in a world where writing “FAIL” over a picture of somebody having hard times is deemed hilarious, Videogum is actually more positive than a LOT of websites.

    • I upvoted you to prepare you for the downvotes you’re likely to get. I think the humour here is less overtly mean, and more “hey, check out this guy!” even if the intent is to mock. Also, vg is funny.

    • See, “Hey, What’s Up with Topher Grace” for comment. It’s so meta.

    • yes, what facetaco said, but also, I would disagree. I haven’t seen Kripsy Kreme on Tosh.0 because I rarely, if ever, watch the show, but I would imagine he finishes the clip with jokes about Krispy Kreme being retarded, or imbred, or whathave you….mean spirited stuff.

      i wouldn’t say Gabe or Kelly come from a mean-spirited place when posting stuff – at least when it comes to non-already-famous people – and when its even borderline, they often get called on it.

      but there is a lot of genuine admiration for Krispy Kreme here, believe it or not. and i think the disappointment in him going on Tosh that registers is the fact that he will likely be the butt of many awful jokes.

      • I hate to stick up for Tosh.0, but I think we’re all a little primed to exaggerate its ugliness. I certainly don’t watch the show on any regular basis, but I’ve seen a little, and it’s not all as mean spirited as you say. He actually seemed more self-deprecating than bullying, last time I saw it. Louis C.K.’s tweet was horrible because of its timing, but I don’t think it was inherently wrong. (It should go without saying, but the Tosh stand-up incident is indefensible, and for the record I think his stand-up is also horrible, I’m just talking about the show.)

    • Pot, meet marijuana.



  17. i am going to withhold my judgement until we find out the details of Krispy Kreme’s next single “Pranked By James”

  18. Too bad. I’d hoped he’d end up on Louie next season. Cool Crocs, though.

  19. I’m more concerned about how Money Maker Mike feels about all of this. I thought HE was Krispy’s best friend. After all, he did help him defeat James.

    • I have a feeling this is the beginning of an extended narrative in which Krispy gets into terrible trouble based on Tosh’s influence and only Money Maker Mike will be able to save him. Lessons will be learned and friendship will be restored.

  20. “whose show is based on mockery and humiliation”

    Wow! Videogum mocks hell of people hell of the time! And guess what? Not such a big deal, nobody’s dog is getting killed and everyone should own a pair of big boy pants. Not the worst to make fun of someone singing creepy karaoke in the dark.

    But here’s the thing: that kind of mockery is pretty easy to do with the internet. What’s hard (very hard, actually) is to take a 14 second dumb clip of someone falling over and find that person and put them on camera and present them as a real person who just happened to have a bad moment on film and let them be part of some jokes that aren’t at their expense, and then also make this new humanizing portrayal of them be seen by nearly as many people as originally saw them fucking up! Which, guess what, is exactly what fuckin Daniel Tosh does pretty routinely with his web redemption thing.

    The guy seems like an asshole and I could not be more tired of people defending their right to make bad, insensitive jokes about rape and I don’t watch or like his show anymore, but VG tries to get way too much mileage out of hating on a guy who sometimes does something genuinely kind for the people we laugh at on youtube.

  21. My mom doesn’t even know who Daniel Tosh is, thank you very much.

  22. my mom USED to love daniel tosh until she got tired of him showing puke videos/himself naked every single episode. so.

  23. Watched the episode last night. Tosh just looks tired and kept making references to people hating him.

  24. I bet if Louis CK did the same thing, you would all be ok with that.

    • I have three theories about you:

      1. You comment here regularly under another name and log in to this account every time Tosh comes up because you don’t want to reveal your Louis CK hate under your regular profile; OR
      2. You have a Videogum + Tosh Google alert and only visit this site to talk shit about Louis CK when the Google alert kicks in; OR
      3. You are Daniel Tosh and respond to mentions of yourself on every website. If this one is true, please tell me why Money Maker Mike wasn’t invited to LA with Krispy Kreme because I think it’s really messed up that he was left out.

  25. I hate to burst your bubble, but i actually both Louis CK and Daniel Tosh. Well, I tolerate Daniel Tosh. I like his show, at least, on a casual level. But he has nothing going for him as far as his stand up stuff goes. And I don’t visit Videogum only to talk shit. I like videogum and visit daily. I just hate double standards. That’s all.

  26. Yeah, good point! Maybe he does suck because he likes Tosh! Actually, he also enjoys wrestling, too– which also sucks. Maybe he sucks for liking John Cena and bowl cuts, too! Come to think of it, it’s pretty stupid how he looks in that one video with snot hanging out his nose– why didn’t anyone notice that? Maybe he does suck! Also, he rhymes “400 houses” with “400 mouses” and then “400 houses” again. WHAT A BAFOON! Certainly this is not a further development of a persona this kid created who regularly endorses the most base-level personas that appeal to teenagers like the aforementioned John Cena, Lebron James and Michael Jordan. Certainly this is not that. Unlike those other videos which were funny, this one is clearly not a character but an honest human named Krispy Kreme who genuinely endorses Daniel Tosh. #whocares. #hashtag.

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