Sometimes you wake up and the world seems a little brighter, a little easier to deal with. Sometimes you see the news of a movie studio re-imagining a classic novel and instead of thinking, “Ugh, I can’t deal with this anymore, we live in a nightmare vampire world and even our escapes are upsetting, I want to go to bed,” you think, “HEY NOW!” Sometimes re-imaginings can be perfect, because sometimes they are about aliens. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Scott Steindorff and his Scott Pictures banner have come aboard to produce and finance Mobius, Lynne Ramsay’s science fiction-oriented project inspired by Moby Dick.

Ramsay and her We Need to Talk About Kevin co-writer Rory Kinnear are penning the script, which takes its cues from Herman Melville’s 1851 classic about a sea captain seeking revenge on a whale that destroyed his previous boat.

In Mobius, described as psychological action thriller set in deep space, a captain consumed by revenge takes his crew on a death mission fueled by his own ego and will to control an enigmatic alien.

YES YES YES! We are all “on board” hahaha. This idea is “out of this world”! Hahahaaaaa. But seriously yes, this sounds good! Green light. The only thing we might need to think about is how we should update some classic (“classic” meaning some I vaguely remembered and then mostly ones I found using a search engine) Moby Dick quotes, to make them space ready! Ok, let’s do it! BLAST OFF! Hahhaa.

  • “Call me Captain Space Ishmael, space traveler and prospective alien murderer.”
  • “Faith, like a space jackal, feeds among the alien tombs, and even from these dead alien doubts she gathers her most vital outer-space hope.”
  • “From hell’s heart I stab at thee, hoping that maybe stabbing will kill thee but who knows since thee is an alien life form; for hate’s sake I spit my last human breath at thee because in case the stabbing didn’t work maybe spitting will?”
  • “A noble spacecraft, but somehow a most melancholy! All noble things are touched with that & got green alien goop on ‘em.”
  • “Panting and snorting like a mad battle alien that has lost its superior alien rider, the masterless space ocean overruns the universe.”

Good! All of those were good and fun for everyone and they all made sense. I’ll fax them right over to Rory Kinnear, unless you guys have anything you want to add?

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  1. “Call me iShmael”

  2. This post was brought to you in part by Wikiquote.

    Wikiquote – when you need a bunch of quotes from stuff.

  3. Moby Dick in Space IS great! Or at least it was in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

  4. “Enough is enough! I’ve had it with these motherfuckin’ space whales on this motherfuckin’ space plane!”

  5. They really don’t need to change many characters’ names. Most of them already sound pretty alien-space-y .

    Captain Boomer

  6. There is no way on earth that I would NOT watch Moby Dick in Space.

  7. Really looking forward to the design of Captain Spacehab’s hover leg.

  8. really looking forward to seeing Gregory Peck in hologram.

  9. Did you guys know that they made a Moby Dick movie 2 years ago with Barry Bostwick? Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, “Throughout the movie, Moby Dick has various exaggerated powers and sizes. According to the photographs and Michelle’s estimates, Moby Dick is around 500 feet in length and can swim at amazing speeds. Moby Dick also possesses the ability to crawl very quickly on land for a short period of time and, in the beginning of the movie, was able to absorb sonar waves to avoid detection; this is later proved useless against high-tech submarine sonars.”

    So I think the ultimate adaptation already exists, and Mobius is no longer necessary.

  10. Much like Transformers, a case of Hollywood catching up with existing merchandise.

  11. except for it’s been done. thank you futurama.

  12. Why did the old Persians hold the sea holy? Why did the Greeks give it a separate deity, and own brother of Jove? Surely all this is not without meaning, now blow up that planet!

  13. Morvern Callar was originally set in space, but the production designer thought it said “Spain” and they just went with that, unfortunately.

  14. Call me iShmail.

  15. Can we cast Birdie and the Space Buddies?

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