• Do you go to Oberlin? Do you want to write for The Grape? No? What if I told you that Lena Dunham wrote for The Grape? Do you want to write for it now? Ok perfect, I’ll see you at the general interest meeting two months ago. -Vulture
  • Speaking of Lena Dunham, she’s writing a book for a million dollars, but, I don’t know. Who isn’t? It’s not really news if EVERYONE is doing it. -Slate
  • It was the Cartoon Network’s 20th birthday and to celebrate they put together an enjoyable little video featuring many of our old Cartoon Network friends. -UniqueDaily
  • Here is a supercut of every on-screen drink featured in Mad Men. It’s fourteen hours long hahahaha just kidding, it’s a normal length for a supercut. -Slacktory
  • HBO renewed Boardwalk Empire for a fourth season! I have still never even seen one episode of that show but I hear it’s great! -WarmingGlow
  • The final Twilight film released the final Twilight poster today, and it is a very good poster. Very thrilling and realistic and makes me want to see the film. -FilmDrunk
  • Speaking of posters, want to see the poster for The Lone Ranger, along with some new images? Well TOO BAD! Hahah. JK. You can, at this link. -SlashFilm
  • Did everyone watch the finale of Gallery Girls last night? I haven’t seen it yet. NO SPOILERS. But if you did see it, feel free to click through to here. -HyperVocal
  • Naked Liam Neeson. -Dlisted
  • And finally, The Week has put together a few Oscar hosting tips for Seth MacFarlane, AS IF HE NEEDS ANY. -TheWeek
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  1. Who knew there were so many perks to being Jeff Dunham’s daughter?

  2. That’s quite the special set of skills he has there to deal with people like you.

  3. Re: the twilight poster – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at them jog slowly towards the camera! Look!

    • LOOK AT BELLA’S PANTS. This is seriously the thing that caught my eye first. What is going on with them? Why are there elongated ovals? Who is she? Will this be a plotpoint?

  4. I wouldn’t even read Lena Dunham’s book for a million dollars.

  5. I used to watch so much Cartoon Network, especially Courage the Cowardly Dog (“the things I do for love”). I’m glad the network is still as trippy and weird as I remember.

  6. Boardwalk Empire is excellent! Kelly, and everyone else, watch it! Between Richard Harrow and the Hound I think I’m developing a half-face fetish.

  7. Burton! That’s my old dorm. I spent many a night stoned in that old Burton basement.

  8. The best part about the Lena Dunham Book Proposal is that it punctures the one real, pointed joke in her show, the one that made the show almost work at times: the CENTRAL PREMISE that the Hannah character is silly because her goal is to write a hugely successful book of autobiographical essays but she is only 23 and so has nothing to say yet. Oops, turns out Lena wasn’t joking. She thinks Hannah really has that book in her.

    • The second best part is that she seems to genuinely believe there is nothing more gutsy in the universe than saying, “If you agree to pay me $1 million in advance, I will try my best to write a series of short essays about myself.”

  9. That poster is either fake or super old. August 9th was not on a Sunday this year for sure. Last time it feel on a Sunday was 2009. I happen to know a lot about that date.

    • Obviously I meant “fell” not “feel” but also, was Lena Dunham even a thing that people knew about in 2009? Something’s not right here.

  10. Disappointment – definition: Finding a nude picture of Liam Neeson when you thought you read “nude Leslie Neilsen”.

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