Today is the 60th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strip’s debut and man oh man, that shit is still so dope. Admittedly, the Peanuts get a little bit wack in the ’80s, but up until then they were pretty consistently very dope. Anyway, here is a slideshow of Charles M. Schulz at home. Happy Birthday, everybody!

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  1. 60 years? That dog has gotta be dead by now.

  2. “…..I got a rock.”

  3. Yay! And so close to the arrival of the Great Pumpkin, too!

  4. Where’s the 3D CGI remake commemorating this anniversary? A rare miss, Hollywood.

  5. Happy birthday from your fellow peanuts.

  6. Whenever I’m down in the dumps I break out one of my old Peanuts books that I’ve had forever and I feel better. Thanks Charles Schulz!

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  8. Charles Schulz was the last great philosopher of our time. Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.

  9. inspiration for a favorite, weird SNL sketch

  10. whatever you do (a la kelly) don’t google: peanuts fan fiction porn

  11. Every one of my dance moves originated from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” People think I’m lying when I say that, until they see my dance*. My Snoopy dance brings everyone joy**.

    *I am a truly terrible dancer
    **clears a 20 foot radius of dancefloor around me

  12. Did I miss something? Peanuts debuted on October 2, 1950. So happy 62nd Birthday Peanuts!

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