I generally try to keep my nose out of the personal business of celebrities who I will never know or probably even come in contact with, both because it is none of my business and because it is boring and makes me upset. But, much in the same way that I desperately try to keep myself from seeing photographs of “bagel heads” (no link) (do not google) and still come across roughly 45 – 1000 pictures of bagel heads every day, it is hard to keep myself from coming across some personal celebrity business every once in a while. Like this thing with Kelsey Grammer, for instance. Here’s the scoop: The last time he was on Piers Morgan TV Show, Piers Morgan showed a picture of his ex-wife, Camille Grammer (who is also a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member) even though Kelsey did NOT want to talk about his ex-wife, and then Kelsey walked off set, and then Peirs Morgan banned him from the show. FOR. LIFE. NOOOOOOOO! You can see how this grave news was unavoidable. Up until this point, Mr. Grammer had not spoken out on his devastating lifetime ban from Piers Morgan TV Show. How will he survive, not being asked to come back onto the TV show? How will the TV show survive, not being able to have Kelsey Grammer on as a guest? Everything was up in the air — until now. Kelsey Grammer recently spoke to TMZ about the ban:

I haven’t given it any thought. I mean, honestly.

Sad words from a sad man. More on this to come, I’m sure.

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  1. Kelsey Grammer is a republican…

  2. Kelly – I had never heard of bagel heads until you wrote that, and I know you said not to Google it, but of course I Googled it and you knew that I (we) would and now I can’t unsee what I’ve seen and oh my god why.

  3. So you could say Frasier has left the building, then?

  4. I’m pretty sure that is the only correct answer to a question like that.

  5. Did anyone see the recent interview with Kelsey Grammer on Conan? It was so incredibly awkward.

  6. How did his huge apartment stay so clean with 3 people (one of them handicapped, another a living physical therapy and another one acting like Ted Baxter in Caddyshack) and a dog?

    For a husky guy Kelsey Grammer sure had his shirt off a lot.

    When the show first started everyone made fun of Fraiser buying 5$ cups of coffee but later those same people frequented the coffee shop. Is this a sign of the prosperity of the 90s or a tonal shift?

    Why did Niles make so much fun of Roz’es promiscuity when he was so thirsty?

    Why is the kitchen so small when the rest of the apartment is so huge?

    • These are all very important questions, and having made it to the middle of Season 9, watching each episode from the start, I can honestly say I am unable to answer any of them.

      I’m thinking I may need to go back and watch Cheers to really get the full picture. But then do I just watch the ones with Frasier in them, or all of them?

      • The ones with Frasier for research, the rest of them for pleasure.

        • I caught an episode of Cheers about a year ago in which Frasier says his father was a scientist and I think he said “was,” as in “he’s dead.” I thought it was funny.

      • The other day I saw the one where Woody came to visit Frasier in Seattle and at first they had a great time, but soon they tired of each other because you can’t recapture the past, however good your memories may be.

        • That’s a good one, isn’t it? Have you seen the one where they go to Boston and end up at Cliff’s (is that him? the mail carrier? I don’t know) retirement party? Pretty painful stuff.

          • I vaguely remember it… I’ll look it up on this website I found recently that seems to have all the episodes for streaming. Sounds like another “you can’t go home again” message.

          • Cliff Claven, yes. That was a sad episode. However, a few other observations from years of watching the show (and loving it):

            - how can they possibly hide in the kitchen? It’s not really a separate room, and anyone in the living room could clearly hear them even while whispering.

            - how much money does Frasier make? I know he’s a radio star and all, but, do radio stars really make that much money when they’re only on in one city (and Seattle, at that)?

    • “Why did Niles make so much fun of Roz’s promiscuity when he was so thirsty?”

      I feel like this question almost answers itself, Niles is subconsciously jealous of Roz.

  7. i would say i “seriously dislike” or even “can’t stand” certain “celebrities”….but so few reach the status that I’ve designated for Piers Morgan – as i have an instant reaction every time he comes up in which i mutter to myself, “i’d like to punch him in the mouth.”

  8. I got excited because I thought this article was about someone from Cheers commenting on Piers Morgan being banned for life from TV or something.

    So I got excited because of tricksy headline Grammar.

  9. Of all the feuds, this one’s probably my favorite.

  10. I still like “Frasier.”

  11. Never forget that this man was once a baller.

    From the Cheers oral history:

    I would see Kelsey sometimes at 5 o’clock in the morning with no shoes on, pushing a sports car down the street with a half [passed-out] woman in the passenger seat. I’m pulling in to get gas, and I go, “Hey Kelsey! What are you doing?” And he goes, “Well hey, how are you?”

  12. True story: I was a PA on the Paramount lot when Frazier was in business, and I saw Kelsey Grammer all the time. He was my favorite major star* — always saying hello with a big smile, walking with a spring in his step, often singing exuberantly to himself without appearing to be insane. He beamed goodwill and I always got the impression that he felt very lucky and loved life. Possibly it was an act, or an act that was so habitual it became his truth? But it was nice to be around.

    Well, one day, I saw a folder on the ground, and I picked it up. It was full of Camille’s spa receipts. Like, mondo bills for whack-sounding shit (“full acid peel”?) and whatnot that sounded like mad science, totaling zillions of dollars. I brought it to their office and said “Someone dropped this,” and they said, “Eh, it’s trash, pitch it.” So I still have it. Probably.

    *Except, ironically, Ted Danson, who held a door for me when I was carrying several boxes. This would seem like ordinary decency, except I was about a quarter mile away, and a total stranger, when he saw the boxes and realized I was headed for that door, so he waited. And lest you think I am bragging about my life of glamorous interaction with stars: when this happened, I had a terrible headache because the boxes were full of videotapes I’d been assigned to erase, which was done using a giant magnet that induced debilitating headaches if you stood near it long enough to erase several boxes of tapes. Once it gave me a nosebleed. Hollywood!

    • He was laughing because he was drunk, hotspur.

      Also full acid peels help reduce small aging lines and discolorations from the sun — like freckles or long-term freckles that are soon called age spots. You’d know this if you had stayed for the full brunch on Sunday instead of skipping out to golf or watch football or whatever.

      • Honey, you told me brunch would be 4 hours, tops. So I made plans with the guys for 3:15. I’ll stay for the whole thing next Sunday if you tell me the right time ahead!

  13. But — but last week you liked Sedona Blush… And didn’t we have so much fun wandering all those neat art galleries in Santa Fe last year? And that little teahouse there that served that tea that you loved so much? You said you hadn’t had tea that good since the yacht club fired the Chinese lady who they thought was maybe stealing. That’s what I was thinking of, just, uh, the good memories… okay? Uh, well, what’s your lead choice for the color?

    • We’re going with what goes with the yellow wallpaper, just like the story instructed. Don’t get hysterical about it.

      • This is going to end badly, with someone creeping around a locked room and someone else holding an axe. I’m just not sure who’s who. Who is who. Who. This keyboard is in my way. If I bite off a piece of it I can keep going. But it hurt my teeth. I’m getting angry. But I can’t be angry. It would be misconstrued. I will keep creeping.

        (and so videogum descended into madness)

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