Creed frontman and one of the more salient political thinkers of our time, Scott Stapp, appeared on Fox & Friends to explain why he is no longer endorsing Barack Obama for President. TALK ABOUT AN OCTOBER SURPRISE! This is obviously a devastating blow to the Democratic party just one night before the two candidates finally square off in the first debate. OUCH. Oh well, no use crying over spilled Stapp. You do have to give it up to Steve Doocey et al, though, for grabbing what has to be one of this election season’s biggest scoops. As you will be able to see in the lower third chyron, STAPP VOTED OBAMA IN ’08. He’s a registered independent! And also the lead singer of Creed it seems worth mentioning at least one more time but maybe more times than that! His arguments for why he thinks it is time for a change in the White House are pretty powerful, so I am almost scared to post this clip, lest he convince not only the few remaining unpersuaded voters but also every single voter in America and Mitt Romney is elected Permanent President Of All Time. It’s pretty devastating logic:

If you’re going to tear down that wall, do it. SCOTT STAPP, Y’ALL! We need someone like Ronald Reagan in the White House who will not listen to the naysayers who urge him to stop IGNORING AIDS, illegally selling weapons to Iran, and putting into place many of the deregulatory top-down economic policies that resulted in our current economic crisis. Simply tha best. FDR 2 for sure. I do love when people are worried about coming off as racist an so they over-explain how much they like him and think he’s amazing before going into how he’s the worst. “He’s so great. Just one of the most impressive people of all time. I want to kiss him on the mouth, basically. But he’s the worst president in the history of presidents.” Scott Stapp is the lead singer of Creed. (Via Gawker.)

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  1. “Giggity” – Scott Stapp

  2. Are we sure that is Scott Stapp? I think he’s a henchman from an early 90s direct to video Cynthia Rothrock film.

  3. and i thought the guy who proposed in the airplane yesterday had a scary mandible…

  4. I am absolutely pissed off that everyone has been blaming Obama when Republican house members and Congresspeople have blocked pretty much all legislation that not only he endorses but would greatly benefit the good citizens of this country. It’s like calling a kid a weakling for not getting the little ring around the milk bottle at the carnival when the carnies rigged the whole damn thing in the first place! How come I can win all the useless goldfish but never the giant stuffed teddy?!

    • Maybe the person to blame is everybody? Can we just say it’s everybody’s fault and move on?

      • Only if by “everybody,” you meant everybody but me. Then I’ll consider myself satisfied.

        Also every time I think of Creed, I think it’s Creed Bratton’s band. Then I get super confused because Creed Bratton is in The Grass Roots.

        I love Creed Bratton’s Creed Bratton character because I only tolerate political craziness from him, the Joaquin Phoenix of network television.

  5. Haha, Scott Stapp, that’s what you get for embracing him 4 years ago with arms wide open!


    • They, um, were both protestants who took office during a time of economic crisis, wore neckties, had penises.

      • Also hair. The hair is important.

        • it’s just so aggressively stupid. like, beyond even the tiniest grasp of understanding history, governance, and political theory. it’s like watching monkeys smear feces on a wall and then pretending that somehow they managed to write war and peace. and the more that this bland, idiotic misinformation just gets blathered into our ears, the more unhinged the basic understanding of core tenets become. all you need to do in order to control the future is control the present dialogue, because then you can just make up whatever the hell you want and everything loses it’s basic definition. ugh. i would pay good money to kick everyone who has their fat fingers involved in making that terrible tv show in the face. writers, producers, cameramen, spokespeople. they all deserve it.

          • I was looking at Gretchen as she nodded along to Scott’s feces-smearing and trying to decide how desperately she wanted to hang herself. Even Doocey had a pained look. But why? Why not SAY SOMETHING? Both of them know that you can’t draw an equals sign between Reagan and FDR, but neither says so. It would seem like the most basic element for a “political” show — even a crazy biased one — to correct batshit nonsense that doesn’t even rally your own side (that may even depress your side). They say nothing (in this clip). What fucking protocol do they imagine they are beholden to?

            (This was originally a much longer rant. I trimmed out all the parts about the WPA and George Kennan before posting. You’re welcome.)

          • RE: “But why? Why not SAY SOMETHING? Both of them know that you can’t draw an equals sign between Reagan and FDR, but neither says so. It would seem like the most basic element for a “political” show — even a crazy biased one — to correct batshit nonsense that doesn’t even rally your own side (that may even depress your side). They say nothing (in this clip). What fucking protocol do they imagine they are beholden to?”

            I feel your outrage and frustation, but in the end, they’re Fox News anchors, so are you really that surprised? The protocol they follow is to just nod, smile, and back up the constant bullshit they shovel into their audience’s faces. I really think they honestly believe that the majority of their viewers are not going to catch–or aren’t smart enough to latch onto–such misguided historical analogies. They’re humorless, evil drones who are completely out of touch with anyone who’s capable of critical thinking. I mean, look, they think Scott “Jock” Stapp/Creed is relevant. Might as well get Fred Durst’s Romney endorsement in an interview as well.

    • “I’d really love someone like Keynes OR Hayek, ya know?” – Stapp on replacing Timothy Geitner

    • On replacing Timothy Geitner:

      “I would really love someone like Keynes OR Hayek, ya know?”

    • Yeah I’m confused…he’s saying no to Obama because he was looking for something like the Second New Deal??? But go Reagan?!?!? Guh. I give up.

      …although I like to imagine that when he brought up the “Second New Deal” he’d so like to see, that there was a large wooden crook just off camera that was getting ready to yank him off stage.

      • Speaking of which, Michael Grunwald’s book about Obama’s stimulus, “The New New Deal” is really fascinating. The article below is a good primer, laying out that, despite the poor reputation it got in media coverage, the stimulus has created positive, lasting effects on par with the original New Deal.

        • Yeah I saw his appearance on Daily Show, pretty interesting how he set it up. I mean, disagree for the most part (and I know I disagree with him despite not reading the book!!) because he left out the whole regulation of financial industries part that came along with The New Deal…but I was intrigued with how he framed the bailout and its effects.

    • I think it’s kind of great that a college kid messed with these people (though in an unfunny way) when they were looking for this narrative and like after finally (maybe?) doing some vetting, they got Scott Stapp.
      No more college kids! No out of college adults! Who could we get? An actor? No actor would go on this. Oh, hey guys, Scott Stapp is on the phone offer to talk… not his agent. You know. that guy from Creed. The one that was in rehab. Do we want him? Do we have a choice?

    • Exactly. Not to mention invoking the New Deal and “breaking down walls,” whatever that means.

      • breaking down walls = reference to the berlin wall falling, which everyone who watches fox and friends thinks ronald reagan accomplished with his own two geriatric hands.

  7. When did he swallow Los Angeles?

  8. In about 10 years, Chad Kroeger will be having this exact same conversation, and everybody will hate him for it and forget that Scott Stapp ever existed.

    • aha! I was going to post here about Creed being Canadian and not able to vote, but now I realize I just confused them for Nickelback. Thanks, facetaco!

  9. Creed? More like Feed. Right? Because of his weight gain. See? SEE?!

  10. That is a lot of fucking turquoise.

  11. Shut up and play the hits, Scott! Actually, no, just shut up!

  12. Jowls/Necklaces 2012

  13. doesn’t he have a criminal record? i don’t even think he cant legally vote.

  14. I have a comment awaiting moderation, presumably for the size of one of the pictures I used. Apologies in advance

  15. Stapp went on to explain his support of Romney further:
    “I asked myself who I’d rather have a beer with, and Governor Romney doesn’t drink so that’s more for me!”
    At that Stapp’s sober companion escorted him back inside the rehab’s doors.

  16. He should be voting republican because something something big cheeks like John McCain.

    Oh, this body shaming is killing me inside.

  17. Scott Stapp looks like what I think Horatio Sands’ Ozzie Osbourne would look like now that he lost a bunch of weight.

  18. This is the biggest news since Radiohead endorsed the lorry for Primevil Minister.

  19. Wow, he got hit with the Ann Margeret stick.

  20. Hahaha, Fox and Friends never ceases to amaze with these guests! The caption should probably be “Remember Scott Stapp?!” That’s the REAL story here…that he’s alive and they have proof.

  21. Nickleback Lyrics.

  22. I never knew Scott played ‘Face’ in Stallone’s 1989 blockbuster Tango & Cash. He hasn’t changed one bit. ;-)

  23. For some reason, this is how I imagine Cory Harris from Mother 13 would look like in real life.

  24. And he lives in the all important state of Florida, which means the election will probably come down to the Stapp Vote. Barack is probably going to get Stapp’d and lose out now because of Scotty’s sacrifice. At least if Romney wins he’ll probably do the most sensible thing and change our National Anthem to My Sacrifice

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